December 2015 Issue of “Mart” Magazine

December 2015 Issue of “Mart” Magazine

October 28, 2015 (Wednesday) – One of our garden craftsmen, Kenta Deguchi, was shown giving a tour of the gardens at Hoshinoya Kyoto in the special extra booklet “sprout” within the December Issue of “Mart” published by Kobunsha.

“Mart” December Issue

October 20, 2015 SKY Tour Guide Garden Lecture

October 20, 2015 (Tuesday) Our president Tomoki Kato was invited to conduct a garden lecture for the “Kyoto SKY Tour Guide Seminar Lecture” hosted by Heartpia Kyoto. The lecture started with the history of Kyoto gardens to how the beautiful scenic view of Murin-an Garden is created. Thank you for coming to the lecture!

SKY Tour Guide

Portland Japanese Garden x Keihanna Comm. Park Cooperative Agreement

October 16, 2015 – Cooperative Agreement of Mutual Exchange was signed between the Portland Japanese Garden (Oregon, USA) and Ueyakato Landscape Co., Ltd., designated by Kyoto Prefecture to manage and operate the Keihanna Commemorative Park.

Mr. Stephen Bloom, the CEO of the Portland Japanese Garden attended the signing event and afterwards, discussed with Dr. Tomoki Kato, our company president, and director Takashi Yamaguchi of Keihanna Comm. Park about potential future exchanges. While learning from each other’s strengths, we will work to pass-down garden techniques and broaden the appreciation and understanding of Japanese garden culture.

Portland Japanese Garden

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2015 Environmental Study Sessions for Elementary Students

2015 – The Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry conducted environmental study sessions for elementary students. Our staff, Mayumi Ida, Yosuke Ohta, Shige Takakuwa, and Sanae Handa led the lecture theme “enjoying observation of nature” and the symbiotic relationship of plants and animals. There was also a quiz rally on tree leaves. Thank you to the elementary school staff for having us.

Sept. 15, 2014 (Tues.) – Minamiouchi Elementary School
Sept. 16, 2014 (Wed.) – Daisan Kinrin Elementary School
Oct. 9, 2014 (Fri.) – Nousasho Elementary School


Oct. 4, 2015 – Akashi Garden Seminar

October 4, 2015 (Sunday) – Our president Tomoki Kato conducted a presentation at the “Hana to Midori no Machizukuri Seminar” held in the large hall of the Akashi Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the “2015 Hyogo Machinami Garden Show in Akashi.” The presentation title was “The Spirit and Techniques in Kyoto Traditional Gardens” and explained some of the garden craftsmen’s techniques that were passed-down since the Heian Era, such as Kyoto-style Sukashi (branch transparency) and Kuden (oral tradition). Thank you for attending the presentation. 


2015 “庭NIWA” Magazine Winter Issue

The “庭 NIWA” magazine is published by Kenchiku Shiryo Kenkyusha Co., Ltd. In the 2015 Winter Issue, the “Niwa Interview” article introduced the North American Japanese Garden Association (NAJGA) board president, Dr. Kendall Brown and our president, Dr. Tomoki Kato, lead as the interviewer. The interview focused on the attractive appeal and issues that Japanese gardens face from the viewpoint of Dr. Brown, as a Japanese garden research pioneer of North America.

“庭 NIWA”

Asahi Broadcasting Show “Kokoiro” Introduced Nanzen-ji Temple

On September 28, 2015 (Mon), Asahi Broadcasting show “Kokoiro” from 9:48 p.m. introduced our president Tomoki Kato, as he worked to care for the garden in Nanzen-ji Temple. He assisted in the filming of the episode “the Craftsman who fosters gardens in the Kyoto and Okazaki area.” Scheduled airing: Sept. 28, 2015 (Mon) from 7:54 p.m. ~ 8:00 p.m.

Sept. 28, 2015

Guided Tour by Garden Craftsman of Three Gardens in Okazaki

Sep 27 (Sun), 2015 – One of our skilled garden craftsmen, Tomio Sakaue conducted a guided tour of Japanese gardens we maintain in the Okazaki neighborhood. The event was hosted by the Okazaki Community Promotion Committee and Maimai Kyoto. Guided lecture included the thoughts of garden craftsmen who fosters Murin-an garden and reconstruction of the Aoi-den Garden at the Westin Miyako Kyoto.
Event: Anniversary of selected Important Cultural Landscapes “Guided Tour by Designated Garden Craftsman of Three Gardens of Scenic Beauty Created by Jihei Ogawa (7th generation) ~ Murin-an, the Kasui-en and Aoi-den Garden of the Westin Miyako Hotel Kyoto.”

MaiMai Kyoto
MaiMai Kyoto Facebook

“Keihanna View” Vol. 27 Interview of Keihanna Commemorative Park Director

The “Keihanna View” newsletter is published by the Kansai Science City and the Kansai Science City Construction Promotion Conference. In the “Keihanna View” Vol.27 (September 2015 issue), there is an interview article “Who’s Who?”  that introduces Takashi Yamaguchi, park director for the Keihanna Commemorative Park, which our company is designated to manage and care for. We hope to continue caring for this wonderful community park which also provides a place for exchange and growth of the area.

“Keihanna View” Vol.27
Kansai Science City

Nagasaki sweet pea 2015 by Nagasaki International TV

Sept. 21, 2015 (Monday) – In the “Nagasaki Sweet Pea Story 2015” broadcasted by Nagasaki International TV, our president Tomoki Kato  demonstrated Japanese garden craftsmanship and techniques at Kurodani Konkaikomyo-ji Temple to a group led by Dr. Hanamo of Tawaramachi Hospital, a member of the Medical Corporation Wakaba, that incorporates the Satoyama Therapy method. The hospital created a Japanese garden because Dr. Hamano desired “to make a Japanese garden where bedridden people can enjoy from a wheelchairs or lying down,” which has progressed the medical treatment for many elderly patients who also feel spiritual peace from this method.

Satoyama Therapy

2015 October Issue of “Tentou Mushi” – Kyoto Autumn Colors

2015 October issue of “Tentou Mushi” published by Adac Engineering Co., Ltd. The special article “Kyoto Autumn Colors” introduces famous spots, including Nanzen-ji Temple and Murin-an, which our company tends the gardens. In the article our president Tomoki Kato is highlighted in “The Person Supporting the Kyoto Autumn Colors.” It focuses on the garden care method that president Tomoki Kato uses at Nanzen-ji Temple.

“Kyoto Autumn Colors”
“Tentou Mushi”

Article in Tojokai Published by Chiba University

The 2015 “Tojokai” newsletter was published by the Department of Environmental Horticulture, Chiba University. In the “active veterans as regional leaders” corner includes an article by our president, Tomoki Kato, “Learn from the Tradition, Learn from the Team.”

2015 “Tojokai”

July 2015 Issue of “PARKS AND OPEN SPACE”

The July 2015 issue of the “PARKS AND OPEN SPACE” included an article “Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Keihanna Commemorative Park -Towards the Japanese Park-” written by Takeshi Yamaguchi, the park director for the Keihanna Commemorative Park, which our company is designated to manage and care for. The magazine is published by the Parks and Open Space Association of Japan.

Article by Takashi Yamaguchi

July 26, 2015 – Ashinaga Kyotology Program

July 26, 2015 (Sun) – President Tomoki Kato and several of our garden craftsmen hosted a petite garden (hachiniwa) workshop and lecture on Japanese gardens at Kurodani Konkai Komyo-ji Temple for the Ashinaga “Kyotology Program.” We thank the 45 internship students who came from around the world to learn about Kyoto and Japan.

Ashinaga – facebook

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Hino River Basin Expedition Team 2015

Late June ~ mid July, 2015 – Toshinori Funao a park staff of the Keihanna Commemorative Park, which our company is designated to manage and care, attended as an advisor for the “Hino River Basin Expedition Team 2015 – Observing Creatures” workshop. He taught the elementary school students how to collect aquatic creatures and the creatures they would find. The event was sponsored by the Midori Net Hino River Basin and the Hino River Basin Mizusumashi Committee of Shiga Prefecture. June 26 (Fri), 2015 – Gamounishi Elementary School 4th grade 53 students. July 2, 2015 (Thurs.) – Gamoukita Elementary School 4th grade 60 students. July 16, 2015 (Thurs.) – Nishiōji Elementary School 5th grade 11 students.

July 2015 Issue of “Keihanna View” Vol.26 Keihanna 20th Anniversary Event

The “Keihanna View” newsletter is published by the Kansai Science City and the Kansai Science City Construction Promotion Conference. The “Keihanna View” Vol.26 (July 2015 issue) includes an article about the 20th Anniversary event of the Keihanna Commemorative Park, which our company is designated to manage and care for. We hope to continue caring for this wonderful community park.

“Keihanna View” Vol.26
Kansai Science City


Tairyu-Sanso Garden in “Hitotoki” July, 2015 Issue

The July 2015 edition “Hitotoki” magazine was published by Wedge. The special article, “Kyoto no natsu, suikeishoku shoyo” included an introduction of one of the villas in the Nanzen-ji Temple neighborhood, which our company takes care of, called Tairyu-Sanso Garden. The garden uses borrowed landscape of the Higashiyama Mts. and takes in water from the Lake Biwa Canal. Pictures of the beautiful garden scenery and maintaining a pine tree is one of our garden craftsmen Takeshi Kato, are shown in the article. Photo: Kinichi Maeda

Monthly Magazine “Hitotoki”
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Nanzen-ji Temple and Murin-an Garden Guided Tour by Garden Craftsman

May 23 (Sat), 2015 – One of our skilled garden craftsmen, Tomio Sakaue led a garden tour of Nanzen-ji Temple and Murin-an Gardens. These famous gardens represent the Edo and Meiji eras and the contrast and characteristics of that era can be seen. This event was hosted by Maimai Kyoto. 
Event: “Guided Tour by the Designated Gardener of Nanzen-ji Temple Garden – Murin-an by Jihei Ogawa (7th generation) vs Kinji-in by Enshu Kobori! Hidden thoughts of garden craftsmen -”

MaiMai Kyoto
MaiMai Kyoto Facebook


May 21, 2015 (Thurs.) – Our company is designated to manage and care for the Keihanna Commemorative Park. The park director, Takashi Yamaguchi and event management chief, Akiko Wada attended the KYOTO SMART CITY EXPO 2015 opening ceremony that was held at KICK (Keihanna Open Innovation Center @Kyoto) and exhibited a poster as a nearby facility. With the progression of the “Keihanna Science City,” the Keihanna Comm. Park is a relaxing scenic spot with lush green nature in the community. The expo was an excellent experience to reevaluate the roles of the park in a community with developing smart city projects.


May 13~15, 2015 – Seikanishi Middle School Career Experience

From May 13~15 (Wed.~Fri.), 2015 – The Keihanna Commemorative Park, which our company is designated to manage and care for, held a seminar for the Seikanishi Middle School students as part of their career experience program. Some of the career experience included the park staff conducting a lecture while touring the park, creating satoyama (nostalgic) landscapes, and hands-on garden fence making workshop.