Tomoki Kato, President

Tomoki Kato Ph.D.


Kyoto University of Art and Design, Visiting Professor

2014 NAJGA Conference

March 1990,
B.A. in Horticultural Economics and Technology, Chiba University


March 2012,
Ph.D. in Landscape Architecture, Kyoto University of Art and Design



Treat Customers with a Sincere Mind   

Pleasant Smile with Reliable Skills

Learn from the Tradition, Learn from the Team


Since 1848 when our founder Kichibei Kato (seven generations back) became a dedicated gardener of Nanzenji Temple, the head temple of the Rinzai sect of Buddhism, our company has engaged in landscape gardening in Shishigatani in eastern Kyoto through the years. Our commitment includes the maintenance and management of gardens designated as places of historic importance and scenic beauty, temple gardens, villa gardens and public gardens via traditional gardening techniques, as well as the management of the construction of private gardens. In recent years, in response to growing public awareness about flowers and trees, we have expanded our business to include urban greenery, such as planting in parks, streets and dry riverbeds, disaster recovery and the maintenance of temple and shrine woods by leveraging natural planting techniques and the management of parks as a designated administrator. All these businesses have earned us a high reputation.

While there are diverse areas in the field of landscape gardening, we believe that what is required of true professionals in this field is to be able to meet customer needs via the finest skills and sensitivity. Our primary goal, therefore, is to become a team of true professional landscape gardeners providing responsible work by accurately grasping and meeting customer needs and wants utilizing our latest techniques, acute sensitivity and aesthetic sense, which are backed with our unceasing effort and spirit independent of our 169-year reputation.
Our enthusiastic and refined landscape gardeners look forward to serving you.

Tomoki Kato


North American Japanese Garden Association (NAJGA) Conference Keynote Speech
“The Spirit of Kyoto Garden Craftsman”
~Fostering Scenery Connecting Time and Space~
Learn from the tradition, learn from the team