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With our 169 years of experience and know-how,
we can meet all your dreams and expectations.

Creation of gardens

We provide a total service encompassing everything from planning to construction, to transform your space into any type of functional and comforting landscape that meets your needs, whether in a Japanese or Western style.


Maintenance and Management (Nurturing plants and trees)

Our landscape gardeners, familiar with nature’s character and aesthetics, will provide seasonal maintenance and management services to maintain the scenery that changes with the seasons.


Greening and Natural Planting

We develop, implement and manage greening plans, considering the environmental conditions required for the growth of plants, and create sceneries that are friendly to the regional environment.



We provide services for the individual construction of garden enhancements, such as stone paths, bamboo fences, curbs, steppingstones, Nobedan (a type of stone pavement), wash basins, and brick and block masonry.


Civil Engineering and Pavement

We conduct general civil engineering and pavement work properly under the supervision of First Grade Civil Engineering Execution Management Engineers and First Grade Pavement Execution Management Engineers.
We provide a one-stop construction service, which includes everything from planning to the execution of construction work, by making the most of the latest software and equipment, and considering the environmental and geological conditions of the land.


Designated Management Operation

We are providing operational management services to Kansai Science City Commemorative Park (Keihanna Commemorative Park) as a designated administrator.