Our Business Philosophy

Through our gardening business we aim to keep our employees happy both physically and spiritually, and also contribute to the progress and development of human society.


“Fluidity and Immutability”

We adopt changes with “fluidity” to meet the needs of the times, and hand down the “immutable” essence. Thus, we are aiming at contributing our society as a company with sustainable development.

“Immutability,” Handing Down and Creating the Japanese Landscape Culture

The good spirit, technique and physical strength are all necessary to assume the responsibility to maintain the world-renowned traditional culture of the Japanese garden.
We also have the insights and techniques as gardeners in Kyoto.

“Fluidity,” Our Landscape Service Business

In addition to our conventional business such as creation or maintenance of gardens, we create and offer the best place for entertaining guests to our customers by optimizing the attractiveness of the garden.