Rokudo-tei Garden

Nanzen-ji Temple Rokudo-tei Garden

Location: Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
Status: open to the public
Landscaped: in 1967


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Rokudo-tei Garden (Created by Ueyakato Landscape Co,. Ltd., 1967)

Visitors come across “Rokudo-tei Garden” when going further beyond Kohojo. Compared to “Nyoshin-tei” which expresses the liberated heart, this garden expresses the Buddhist concept called “Rokudo Rinne” (Reincarnation in six realms), in which human beings are believed to repeat reincarnation in six realms, which are heaven, the human realm, the Asura realm, the animal realm, the realm of hungry ghosts, and hell. Looking at the garden stones arranged in the ground, fully covered with hair moss, visitors would think about the mutability of ordinary mortals reincarnating in the six realms without attaining Nirvana.

The garden had a white sand bed in its near side and Nanzen-ji gaki (a bamboo fence) in the east side when it was created in 1967. A bamboo fence in the west side named “Ohtsu-gaki” was a rather thick Teppo-gaki using Moso bamboo cut from the forest in Nanzen-in Temple.

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