Ueyakato Landscapes Co., LTD.@Kansai Architectural World/”Gunzo”

Ueyakato Landscapes Co., LTD.@Kansai Architectural World/”Gunzo”

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of ”The Architectural Association of Japan”, an anniversary edition of “Kansai Architectural World/”Gunzo””  was issued. In addition to an interview with our company president about the making of the garden at the “Hoshinoya Kyoto” resort, recent garden activities as well as our garden at the “Hoshinoya Tokyo” resort were covered. We will continue to strive to provide beautiful gardens while expanding the range of activities aimed at raising awareness of Japanese gardens. Anniversary edition “Kansai Architectural World/”Gunzo””


Subtle signs of spring – Purple Viola Inconspicua@The Kyoto Shimbun

The Kyoto Shimbun (Kyoto Newspaper) published an article on the purple Viola Inconspicua, a small wildflower type that can be found on the lawn of Murin-an Garden, announcing us the full arrival of spring. The garden was built according to the design and thoughts of the Meiji politician, Aritomo Yamagata and Ueyakato devotes considerable effort to foster the various wildflower types, that Yamagata adored. In fact, it is unusual for a Japanese garden to grow wildflowers, most often picked out as weed. Our specialized gardeners have put thorough work into keeping more than 30 types of wildflowers, even throughout the harsh winter season.  

Keihanna Commemorative Park received endorsement by Kyoto Prefecture

Our efforts to foster and maintain Keihanna Commemorative Park received endorsement by Kyoto Prefecture and were featured in an annual manual by the Ministry of Environment of Japan ( “Manual of the Integrated Pest and Weed Management in Parks and Street Trees”). Our garden craftsmen have specialized knowledge in disease control and could early on detect pests on red pines and hydrangeas. By promptly sharing information with local communities and organizations, damages from disease spreading were effectively prevented. We are humbled to receive recognition for our work and continue to provide high quality maintenance of parks and like to share the efforts with local communities.

Research paper published on sensitivity of wildflowering utilization@Murin-an

The research paper of our gardeners Tomio Sakaue, Sanae Handa and company president Tomoki Kato was recently published in the ‘Technial Reports of Landscape Architecture No.9, 2017’ by the Japanese Institue of Landscape Architecture. The paper explains the implementation of diligent care of wildflowers as an essential value in Japanese garden management. It is known that Aritomo Yamagata, the founder of the garden, enjoyed the naturally blooming wildflowers. 

Sakaue, T., Handa, S. & Kato, T. (2017). Garden Fostering of the Lawn that Invesitigates Fundamental Sensitivity of Wildflower Utilization at Murin-an Garden a National Place of Scenic Beauty. Technial Reports of Landscape Architecture (JILA), 80 (9): 40-45 (Japanese) 


Kyoto Heritage Preservation event @ Murin-an Garden

Our company president, Tomoki Kato, presented and guided through Murin-an and Konchi-in Temple (part of the Nanzenji-Temple complex) during a group event, which was sponsored by the Kyoto Heritage Preservation Association. At Murin-an Garden, the emphasis of the speech lay on the original garden concept by Aritomo Yamagata as well as how to foster and care for the garden from a perspective of designated management. At Konchi-in, participants could both enjoy a tour of Hojo Garden (created by Enshu Kobori) as well as Hasso-seki, a unique tea room. Participants were listening attentively and reaffirmed the importance of preserving cultural properties.

The Former Retreat of Tomomi Iwakura was featured on Nagano TV NBS program

The Former Retreat of Tomomi Iwakura was featured on Nagano TV NBS program (“Focus ∞ Shinshu”). The episode portrays Taseko Matsuo, a female poet born in Nagano, and her contact to Iwakura in his retirement. The footage presented the well-preserved retreat in the nostalgic atmosphere of around that time.

Create a Petite Garden @Konkai Komyo-Ji Temple

Our unique event ‘Create a Petite Garden’ was held at ‘Shiun-no-Niwa”, a garden part of Konkai Komyo-Ji Temple that Ueyakato takes care of. Upon request by the Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau, the event took place within the 44th Kyoto International Tourism Contents Research Event and the participants were guided personally by our garden craftsmen, Takahito Oka and Yasutomo Inoue. It was an opportunity to propose ideas for tourism and MICE projects in Japan and was well received by participants: “It will be valuable experience not only for VIP clients but also for corporate team building programs.’ We will continue to promote Japanese garden culture and hope to contribute to tourism and MICE projects through workshops alike.

A designated Place of Scenic Beauty Murin-an was featured in Photography Journal ‘Asahicamera’ April 2017 issue.

A designated Place of Scenic Beauty Murin-an which we Ueyakato is the designated management agent and maintain and run was featured in Photography Journal ‘Asahicamera’ April 2017 issue.
You can enjoy a picture of Murin-an garden in winter captured so exquisitely by a photographer Shinichi Sato who has been taking photos of various gardens.
According to Mr. Sato, it is hard to shoot gardens in winter as there is no much greenery, however that is when visitors could take notice of other structures such as stone arrangements or streams. Besides, the world of gardens through the lens has another depth to it.

Nanzen-ji Temple Hojo Garden [On Air] Kyoto KBS

Hojo Garden of Nanzen-ji Temple was featured on Japanese TV  (Kyoto KBS  ‘Kyoto Kokuho Roman’). Hojo is a National Treasure and its dry garden is said to be created by notable artist Enshu Kobori. The program depicts the history of Nanzen-ji and its present shape in a clear, simple way and reminds us how blessed we are to be responsible for taking care of this historically valuable garden.

From February 27, 2017 ~ March 01, 2017 – Our company welcomed two American interns from the TRIAD Fellowship Program.

From February 27, 2017 ~ March 01, 2017 – Our company welcomed two American interns (Adam and Bryan) from the TRIAD Fellowship Program. They learned the basics of the landscape construction work by actually creating spatial structure (building a Japanese garden) at Keihanna Commemorative Park. Also at Konkai Komyo-ji Temple, they planted maple trees and learned our garden fostering method of ‘Although maintained meticulously, gardens appear like untouched nature’ The participants expressed their appreciation with those words ‘I was able to obtain the totally different perspective.’ ‘I learned the various technics which could be applied to the gardens back home’.

A Family workshop about knowing Okazaki, Kyoto titled “Oyako Okashiru Villa and Garden edition” was held in the Murin-an Gerden

A Family workshop to let local children acquainted with the neighborhood was held in the Murin-an Garden. Our company president Kato and garden artisan Sakauke acted as lectures. Elementary school-aged children acted as guests to the garden and experienced at first-hand Japanese hospitality and how a villa and garden like Murin-an works in that regard as well as gardeners’ perspectives on how to care for historical gardens. It was a delightful day that we were able to show the children how beauty in everyday life could be celebrated.


OZ magazine March 2017

An interview with our company president Tomoki Kato on our works of the creation and maintenance of the garden of HOSHINOYA Kyoto Inn http://hoshinoyakyoto.jp/en/ was featured in the Japanese magazine ‘OZmagazine'(2017 March, No.539) http://www.ozmall.co.jp/ozmagazine/.  It touched foundations of Japanese gardens: the design concept, long term maintenance policy, and how to foster the featured garden which is located in the best part of Arashiyama. We realized that our time consuming fostering efforts paid off as the enhanced beauty of the garden was appreciated.

February 05, 2017 – Our company president made a presentation titled “the operation and tourism of Murin-an Garden” at a conference on “Gardens as touristic resources”.

February 05, 2017 – Our company president made a presentation titled “the operation and tourism of Murin-an Garden” at a conference on “Gardens as touristic resources”. The aim of the conference is to look into the future potential of gardens as touristic resources by following the historical background of gardens used as touristic resources in Japan and Europe as well as the current situation. There were lively discussions on the current situation of the gardens as touristic resources in Japan and Europe with guest speakers from the UK and Italy this year.

February 1, 2017 – Murin-an was featured on NIPPON TV’s program “Kokoro ni Kizamu Fukei”.

February 1, 2017 – Murin-an was featured on NIPPON TV’s program “Kokoro ni Kizamu Fukei”. The program portrayed the life of the Murin-an’s original owner, Aritomo Yamagata with beautiful footage. Not just the Murin-an but also Yamaguchi prefecture where he spent his youth as well as Kokian in Odawara which Yamagata built for his retirement home were covered in a thoughtful manner. We appreciate that the Murin-an was presented in the program that provides the senses of way of life through the Meiji, Taisho and Showa periods. We feel that we were also given the opportunity to review the fundamental values of Japanese garden to further improve.

NIPPON TV “Kokoro ni Kizamu Fukei”

Niwa 2017、Vol. 226

December 29, 2016 (Thursday) – Murin-an was featured in the Japanese garden magazine ‘Niwa’ (2017, No. 226, Vol. 2). Organized by efforts of a local group (‘Niwa Ikoiko’), that promotes various ways to enjoy Japanese garden, people with impaired vision were invited. The participants experienced the appeal of the garden, like its stepping stones across the small streams, and left with delight: ‘I wanna stay forever’, ‘I liked the touch of the grass and moss’ were one of their comments. These keep us motivated to continue to provide and support events alike. 

‘Niwa’ (2017, No. 226, Vol. 2) (Japanese)

BS-TBS “nihon ni deau tabi” – the admired autumn leaves ~ a tour around the 15 grand views of Kyoto, Oirase, Kotosanzan

December 7,  2016 (Wednesday) –The autumn maple tea ceremony at the Murin-an garden was broadcasted on BS-TBS “nihon ni deau tabi” – the admired autumn leaves special ~ a tour around the 15 grand views of Kyoto, Oirase, Kotosanzan.

It was captured as an unique event where anyone could easily come to the garden to enjoy tea and learn about the gardening and fostering method of the Murin-an garden from the perspective of a garden craftsman. 


Live broadcast on NHK Kyoto Broadcast Station “kyo ichinichi”

December 1, 2016 – The garden illumination of the Murin-an garden, a Place of Scenic Beauty, which our company is designated to manage and operate was broadcast live on NHK Kyoto Broadcast Station “kyo ichinichi”.

The live broadcast covered the importance of the Murin-an garden, the illumination design and our company President, Tomoki Kato’s interview.

The live coverage was broadcast under a tense atmosphere that differed from a standard broadcast.

What we felt from this live broadcast is that we want to continue to provide enhanced events as the Murin-an garden being one of the attractions in the Okazaki area.

News 630 kyo ichinichi

2016 Environmental Study Session

2016 – The Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry conducted environmental study sessions for elementary students. Our staff, Mayumi Ida, Toshinori Funao, Yuta Inamoto and Shota Minami led the lecture theme “enjoying observation of nature.” The 1st class conducted an investigation on the aquatic organisms in the Katsura River, the 2nd class had a quiz rally on the different tree leaves and the 3rd class conducted an investigation on insects such as grasshoppers. Thank you to the elementary school staff for having us.

August 29, 2016 (Tues) Grade 3 class of Ohara Higashi Elementary School

October 24, 2016 (Mon) Grade 3 & 4 class of Kyoto Ohara Gakuin (Kyoto City Public)

November 1, 2016 (Tues) Grade 3 class of Oharano Elementary School

2016 Career Experience Program at Keihanna Commemorative Park

We welcomed 10 junior high school students at Keihanna Commemorative Park for the 2016 Career Experience Program.

The junior high school students were given the opportunity to experience creating a fall arrangement of dried persimmon, investigating the park property and maintaining the forest area. 

November 2 (Tues), November 8 (Tues) ~ 10 (Thurs),  2016 – Seika Middle School