Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences

Ueyakato Landscape recently introduced Professor Dirk Junker of Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences and t…

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Korean Forest Service Research Project

Tomoki Kato was interviewed as part of the Korea Forest Service’s “Re-establishment of the Korean Garden for t…

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Full-length Article by Ueyakato Landscape in NIWA, Denmark’s Leading Journal of Japanese Gardening!

NIWA, Denmark’s leading journal of Japanese gardening, has published a full-length article by Ueyakato Landsca…

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Murin-an Event Featured in Kyoto Shimbun

Kyoto Shimbun featured Murin-an garden, which Ueyakato Landscape operates as its designated manager.

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Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design Visits Murin-an

Murin-an: Place of Scenic Beauty, which Ueyakato Landscape operates as its designated manager, was visited by …

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Ueyakato Landscape Contributes to New Edited Volume

Shibunkaku Publishing has published a new book, Garden and Architecture in Sencha Tea Culture (Niwa to kenchik…

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Ueyakato Landscape President Tomoki Kato has been featured in an article written for the website “Land8: Landscape Architect Network.”

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2018/12/01 Ueyakato Landscape President Contributes to Landscaping Business Handbook

Ueyakato Landscape Representative Director and President Tomoki Kato wrote about garden management and plant m…

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2018/11/25 Murin-an Featured on Live Television

Murin-an garden was the main venue for the live broadcast of “Kyoto Autumn Colors” by KBS Kyoto and BS11.

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2018/11/20 Ueyakato Lecture at Chishaku-in Temple

On November 20 (Tues.), Ueyakato Landscape President and Representative Director Tomoki Kato gave a talk entit…

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2018/11/07 Goethe-Institut Villa Kamogawa Visits Nanzen-ji and Murin-an

Ueyakato Landscape’s garden concierges gave a tour around Nanzen-ji Temple and Murin-an Garden to artists-in-r…

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2018/10/23 Unit Construction Method Wins at the Ichizokai Awards

“The Unit Construction Method of Paving Used at Hoshinoya Tokyo” won the Award of Excellence at the Ichizokai …

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The 2018 Japan ICOMOS Award

Tomoki Kato, Representative Director and President of Ueyakato Landscape, has been selected to receive the 2018 Japan ICOMOS Award.

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2018/09/01 Unit Construction Method Featured in Landscape Design

The unit construction method of pavement, a landscape construction technology developed by Ueyakato Landscape,…

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2018/05/01 Ueyakato Featured in Enjoy Kyoto

Ueyakato Landscape has been featured in Enjoy Kyoto, an English-language tourism information magazine.

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2018/03/14 Article Published in the Journal of the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture/ Kai Kaga

An article by Hajime Anno and two other co-authors was published in the Journal of the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture.

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2018/03/14 Article Published in the Journal of the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture/ Keihanna

An article by Toshinori Funao and six other co-authors, all from Ueyakato Landscape’s Designated Management Division, was published in the Journal of the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture.

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2018/03/01 English Translation of Ogawa Jihei Biography Published

Hiroyuki Suzuki’s “Landscape Gardener Ogawa Jihei and His Times” published in English.

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2018/03/01 Swedish-language Book on Garden Moss and Murin-an

Swedish journalist Ulrica Nordström has published Mossa – Fran skog till tradgard och kurka, a book about moss.

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特別史跡・特別名勝 平城京左京三条二坊宮跡庭園

An open day at the restoration site of Kyuseki Garden, a Japanese garden dating to the Nara Period, was held.

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