takumi 1

Takumi no Waza / Superb Craftsmanship 1
– Creation


Many layers of color gradations…
A quiet and secluded garden that evokes a deep sigh represents a creation rendered, in the hope of moving every person, via application of outstanding skills and delicate sensitivity on the layers of the garden.
All efforts are dedicated solely to touching the hearts of onlookers.

A master’s long-nurtured sensitivity and a well-thought-out design.

A place where people intuitively feel comfortable is a space that enables them to coexist with nature. The creation of a “live” garden requires not only vintage craftsmanship, but also an optimal design for the location, which can be obtained by analyzing its landform, soil, weather conditions, and surrounding environment. At our company, after giving due consideration to these various conditions, we develop a blueprint that accurately embodies the requests of customers through simulations, and then we create a rendering via CAD and CG. This whole process gives customers a sense of reassurance and excitement, enabling them to have a clear image of the garden’s plan.


Business Flowchart

Conception and basic survey

Receiving a request

Planning and basic designing (Concluding a design contract*)
 *For simple planning, no design contract is concluded.

Construction decided (Concluding a construction contract)



After completion (Maintenance contract)

Maintenance and nurturing trees and plants





The elegance of a garden that was carefully designed by taking into consideration seasonal changes and every perspective from all angles touches the hearts of people and remains there for good.



Talking about gardens

People have different garden needs and wants, such as a garden for thinking, a garden for walking around in, a garden full of floral aroma, and a garden for playing.    
By leveraging our long experience and the versatile ability of our staff, we will give shape to people’s needs and wants.