Designing and Building Japanese Gardens Beyond Japan

Design and Construction of Japanese Gardens Beyond Japan

Ueyakato Landscape, a company with 176 years of history in Kyoto,
also designs and creates Japanese gardens beyond Japan.
Vancouver, Dubai, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, and beyond

Here we introduce Ueyakato Landscape’s Japanese garden creation work overseas.

Garden creation




Onsite survey

Onsite survey



First, we visit the site. A Japanese is then designed after we have grasped the owner's wishes and the property's history.

Procuring materials


Survey of local materials

Surveying local materials

Export and customs procedures of materials from Japan

Export procedures for materials from Japan

For scenic stones and stone objects needed for construction, we search for materials at the site's location and also export from Japan.

Construction and supervision




Instructing local staff

Instructing local staff

We dispatch gardeners thoroughly versed in Kyoto gardening for the duration of construction.

Completion of construction


Completion of construction
Completion of construction

Garden fostering and fostering supervision


Garden fostering and garden management supervision

A Japanese garden is not finished once it is constructed. We foster the garden so that after ten or twenty years, it not only becomes the Japanese garden envisioned, but also a garden that can last for a century. We dispatch our Kyoto gardeners from Ueyakato Landscape to supervise the garden’s care and management.

Plants and gardens are living things. That’s why at Ueyakato Landscape we use the word “fostering” rather than “maintenance” to describe garden management.

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