Recent major works

Recent construction works

National Historic Sites and designated Places of Scenic Beauty

2006 / 2012
Place of Scenic Beauty: Murin-an Garden – Restoration maintenance work (Kyoto Pref.)
Ogura-hyakunin-isshu Cultural Foundation – Outdoor exhibit facility maintenance work (Memorial stone construction project within designated limits of Place of Scenic Beauty: Arashiyama)
Nijo Castle Kennin-ji Temple – Fence renovation construction (Kyoto Pref.)
2009 - 2013
Place of Scenic Beauty: Kannon-in Temple Garden – Conservation repair work (Tottori Pref.)
2011 - 2019
Place of Scenic Beauty: Chishaku-in Temple Garden – Conservation repair project (Kyoto Pref.)
2013 - 2014
Historic Site: Nanzen-ji Temple grounds – Disaster recovery work (Kyoto Pref.)
2013 - 2014
Westin Miyako Kyoto Hotel Aoi-den Garden – Repair work (Kyoto Pref.)
Preservation and restoration construction on eight buildings at Kiyomizu-dera Temple, including its main hall, a registered national treasure (Kyoto Prefecture)
2014 - 2018
Place of Scenic Beauty: Moroto Garden – Conservation repair project (Mie Pref.)
2014 - 2019
Special Historic Site & Special Place of Scenic Beauty The Imperial Villa Garden Site of the Ancient Nara Capital (Nara Pref.)
2015 - 2019
National Treasure: Byodo-in Temple Hoodo Central Hall – Conservation repair work (Kyoto Pref.)
2015 - ongoing
Place of Scenic Beauty: Shosei-en Garden – Conservation repair project (Kyoto Pref.)
2015 - 2017
Preservation and restoration maintenance for the inner garden of the Former Hirose Residence (Ehime Pref.)
2016 - 2022
Place of Scenic Beauty: Tairyu-Sanso Garden – Repair work (Kyoto Pref.)
2017 - 2019
Restoration Work for Maruyama Park, Nationally Designated Place of Scenic Beauty (Kyoto Pref.)
2018 - 2020
UNESCO World Heritage Historic Site: Kosan-ji Temple–Disaster recovery work (Kyoto Pref.)

Private and commercial properties

FUKUJUEN Kyoto flagship store “the garden in the sky” - Garden construction [>> Gardens]
HOSHINOYA Kyoto Garden - Landscaping work [>> Gardens]
Yosui-en Garden - Garden reconstruction and Main Gate periphery maintenance works (ARKRAY, Inc. Kyoto Laboratory) [>> Gardens]
Kyozomekaikan “Kyozome-no-niwa” - Garden construction [>> Gardens]
Private Home Garden “Bansei Seiryu-no-Niwa” - Garden construction [>> Gardens]
Nanzen-ji Private House - Garden construction [>> Gardens]
Private Home Garden in Seki City - Garden construction [>> Gardens]
Orix Arashiyama Villa Garden - Landscaping work [>> Gardens]
Software Service Inc. – Head Office Rooftop Garden - Garden construction [>> Gardens]
Hoshino Resorts KAI Kaga - Garden construction [>> Gardens]
Kyoto Okazaki Villa - Garden reconstruction [>> Gardens]
HOSHINOYA Tokyo - Outdoor facility stone work [>> Gardens]
Ubusuna-no-sato TOMIMOTO - Garden construction [>> Gardens]
River Retreat Garaku Restaurant L’évo Front “Rivage Garden” - Garden construction [>> Gardens]
Greentown, Cháo míng Project (Hangzhou, China) [>> Gardens]
Kyoto International Conference Center New Hall - Garden construction [>> Gardens]
Koto Heian no Yado Kanade - Garden construction [>> Gardens]
Fukuda Art Museum - Garden construction [>> Gardens]
Kyoto Sagano Sansho Villa - Garden construction [>> Gardens]

Recent major works (Designated management works on public facilities)

We provide garden management, facility management, operational service, PR and community relations development comprehensively.

Kyoto Prefectural Kansai Culture and Science City Commemorative Park (Keihanna Commemorative Park)

Entrusted management since June 2006. Based upon our management proposals, entrusted management has continued over four contract periods until the present day.

Keihanna Commemorative Park is a traditional Japanese countryside scenery themed park and has 2.3ha of Japanese garden(Suikei-en) and two public use buildings (1,370m,2 and 900m2). The Japanese garden is built under the Heian-kyo 1200th Anniversary Project.

>> Keihanna Commemorative Park Official Website

Murin-an Garden (National Place of Scenic Beauty)
The Former Retreat of Tomomi Iwakura (National Historic Sites)

Entrusted managment began in 2016 and continues until the present day. (Starting in 2007, Ueyakato Landscape was previously responsible for Murin-an's annual management for eight years.)

Murin-an Garden was built as a villa of Aritomo Yamagata. Jihei Ogawa VII created it providing modern sceneries such as a three-tiered waterfall, a wide pond style stream and lawn by the water. It is designated as a National Place of Scenic Beauty, recognized as a magnificent garden of the Meiji period.

The Former Retreat of Tomomi Iwakura is a property where Iwakura spent five years of his life in retirement from the age of 38 in 1862 to 1867.

>> Murin-an Official Website

>> The Former Retreat of Tomomi Iwakura Official Website

Ohigashi-san Hiroba Square (Civic Greenery Project in front of Higashi Hongan-ji Temple)

Ohigashi-san Hiroba Square is Kyoto City’s first "Public Greening" (Shimin Ryokuchi) project.

The project was organized to create a green space capable of being used by many people by unifying Kyoto city streets with a row of trees owned by Higashi Hongan-ji Temple.

>> Official website for Ohigashi-san Hiroba Square

Current major yearly maintenance works (National Historic Sites, Places of Scenic Beauty)

Nanzen-ji Temple (National Historic Site; Nanzen-ji Temple grounds, Place of Scenic Beauty; Nanzen-ji Hojo Garden and National Historic Site and Scenic Beauty; Nanzen-in Temple Garden)

Higashi Honganji Temple (Place of Scenic Beauty; Shosei-en Garden included)

Chisyaku-in Temple (Place of Scenic Beauty; Chisyaku-in Temple Garden)

Place of Scenic Beauty; Daitsuji Ganzanken and Rantei Garden

Place of Scenic Beauty; Murin-an Garden

Place of Scenic Beauty; Tairyu-sanso Garden

National Historic Site; Kozan-ji Temple

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