Software Service Inc. – Head Office Rooftop Garden

Software Service Inc. – Head Office Rooftop Garden

Location: Yodogawa-ku, Osaka City
Status: not open to the public
Landscaped: in 2014

This rooftop garden is on the new head office of Software Service Inc., which was built fairly close to Shin-Osaka Station. Since the location is in downtown Osaka, the goal was to create a peacefully beautiful oasis in the heart of the city. Despite the constraints of a rooftop garden, the landscape has perception of depth, sense of size, and ancient skillful use of water in this Japanese garden.

The garden is largely divided in two types. One uses white sand and dry waterfall stone arrangements to create a dry landscape garden with a spiritual essence. The second is a flowing nostalgic landscape with stonework terraces, pond, and stream.

The hardest constraint in creating a rooftop garden such as this one, is weight. When making an artificial small hill, it can be made with dirt when it is on the ground. However, the average building rooftop cannot handle this weight and it is extremely costly to make a rooftop that can withstand the weight.

Therefore, in this garden the frame for raising the ground is made of light styrene foam type material. The large scenic stones, dirt, and even the mortar for under the stream are made of light weight materials. In words it gives a “light” or cheap image, but the reinforced plastic stone arrangement was a special order based on the design of a real stone arrangement. The exquisite workmanship makes you think it is a real stone unless you touch it.

This is how the garden was made to be light to plant sakura and maple trees so an wonderfully beautiful seasonal landscape could be enjoyed. Between the trees, you can see the skyscraper city from a bird’s-eye view and thus creating an oasis in the heart of a city.