heritage works

Chishaku-in Temple Garden (Place of Scenic Beauty)

Chishaku-in Temple Garden is said to have been created in 1674 and was praised as the best garden in Higashiyama area at that time.  Much later in 1945, it was designated as a Place of Scenic Beauty. Its characteristic and central feature is the “Tsukiyama” (築山), a miniature artificial hill surrounded by a pond. Not only Chishaku-in but all Japanese gardens are made of mostly natural materials, therefore…≫ Read more


Byodo-in Temple Phoenix Hall (National Treasure)

Byodo-in Temple is a registered World Heritage Site located in Uji (Kyoto) . The temple hall provides important historical information about the aristocratic culture of the late Heian period. Its Buddhist statues, paintings and garden are representative for the atmosphere of the time. Constructed in 1052 by Yorimichi Fujiwara, the temple hall has deteriorated over an almost 1000 years period. We have cleaned the stones of the foundation and applied… ≫ Read more