Asahi TV “Voice of Stone”

Asahi TV “Voice of Stone”

Murin-an was featured on the Asahi TV program called “Voice of Stone.” In the world, there are many cases where people find meanings in natural stones and intentionally arrange it, but as a case in Japan, the program mainly focuses on how to handle stones in Japanese gardens and its historical changes. Our company president Kato talked about the characteristics of the stone arrangements in the Murin-an garden as an example of modern Japanese gardens. It was a unique program to introduce a different perspective to appreciate the garden. 

Maimai Kyoto tour at Konkai-Komyoji Temple

Our senior garden craftsman Oka gave a tour at Konkai-Komyoji Temple for a collaborative event of Maimai Kyoto and a local association to promote the neighborhood. The tour included private rooms at the temple and two of sub-temples on the ground. Oka introduced his personal episodes at the time of the garden construction and some scenic points. The participants enjoyed the opportunity to get the glimpse of the gardener’s art and mind despite the heavy rain.  

“Evening of Harvest Moon Viewing” at Keihanna Commemorative Park was featured in the “My Keihanna” on KCN Kyoto TV

A special event called the 22nd “Evening of Harvest Moon Viewing” at Keihanna Commemorative Park was featured in the “My Keihanna” on KCN Kyoto TV from October 16th to 31st. The Keihanna represents Japanese culture, environment, and lifestyle. UEYAKATO fosters and operates the park providing services and events for locals to enjoy, such as live music, star viewing, art exhibit alike. We strive to bring the community together by hosting those cultural events.

Drone footage of Keihanna Commemorative Park featured on the Kyoto Shimbun website.

Keihanna Commemorative Park was featured in the “Soradori – Drone footage Series” on Kyoto Shimbun website. It shows the never-been-seen angles of Suikeidana Cascades and Kangetsukyo Bridge that make up the village scenery of the Keihanna, which UEYAKATO garden craftsmen take care of daily. The bird-eye view emphasizes the unique spatial composition of the park that blends the richness of nature and people.  We continue to foster the sceneries developed from the concept of traditional Japanese gardens for visitors to enjoy.

Night event at Kyoto City Zoo

UEYAKATO  participated in a night event at the city zoo which we take care of. Our garden craftsmen Takeshi Kato and Hiromu Saito gave tours for the event “Night guided tour by a gardener – find nocturnal chirping insects”  in the Kyoto-no-Mori, the Japanese village scenery area, we created and care for. The Kyoto-no-Mori represents an image of villages and forests in Kyoto and promotes the preservation of natural habitat. The participants enjoyed the guided tours and discovered some nature’s wonder in the middle of the city zoo!

KBS Kyoto Roman

Our company president and a senior garden craftsman were featured in a KBS TV program called Kyoto Roman on October 1st, 2017. At Nanzen-ji Temple, the president Kato talked about the history behind temple structures, traditional paintings and etc. Then at Murin-an, Sakaue the gardener introduced our fostering method, history, and some key viewing points of the acclaimed garden. We continue to convey the aesthetics of Japanese gardens through media as well as by giving unique tours only given by garden artisans.


Member magazine “Secom Life 2017 Fall”

The Former Retreat of Tomomi Iwakura was featured in the member magazine of Secom called “Secom Life 2017 Fall”. The article introduced the historic site as worthy of a visit for this fall touristic season. UEYAKATO the designated management company continues to provide lectures and guides that enable visitors to experience the value of the historically important site in the Northern part of Kyoto city.

An essay of a young garden craftswoman published on a landscape magazine

An essay by our young garden craftswoman Sanae Handa was featured in the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture vol.81.  She wrote about her daily struggle as an apprentice and responsibility as a wildflower researcher at the historically valued Murin-an garden. With this rare opportunity, she renewed her resolve to boost the UEYAKATO by cultivating the climate where young landscapers can acquire a broad perspective and hold awareness of prospective issues.  


Maimai guided tour at Nanzenji

Our veteran gardener Takemura gave a guided tour at the Nanzen-ji Temple for an event sponsored by the Maimai Kyoto, an organization providing guided tours in and around Kyoto, to promote the Nanzen-ji neighborhood. The tour included the likes of Nanzen-in Temple, Hojo garden, the main gate while introducing the gardener’s view on gardens and how varied the care of each garden could be. The tour turned out to be as unique as the individual garden in the Nanzen-ji vicinity as Takemura also talked about his favorite subjects such as stone lanterns and scenic stones.  

Kanko Keizai newspaper article

Konkai-Komyoji Temple which UEYAKATO takes care of was featured in the Kanko-Keizai newspaper.  The article by the head of the Paris office of JNTO-Japan National Tourism Organization introduced our garden management method. The tour at the garden of the temple by our senior garden craftsman Oka was favorably portrayed as a great example to accommodate international visitors’ needs while emphasizing the importance of having the translator on hand. We continue to spread our garden fostering method as well as the unique value of Japanese gardens globally with the assistance of native translators.  

Collaborative poster with the Kyoto Department of Transport

In collaboration with the Kyoto City Department of Transport, new posters with the Department’s anime character inside Murin-an were posted across stations. With the Higashiyama mountains in the background, the character sits on the veranda of the Japanese building, while two of our gardeners and another character are in the back on the small wild flower hills. 

Portland Japanese Garden

UEYAKATO Landscape gardeners lectured at a 12-day seminar at the International Japanese Garden Training Center of Portland Japanese Garden, USA. The newly established facility and its flagship program “Waza to Kokoro” (Hands and Heart) opened to landscape students and professionals to learn the skills and techniques for creating Japanese gardens and also to delve further into Japanese culture through Japanese tea and food.  Besides in-class lectures on history and design, participants created actual garden sites under the guidance of both locals and professionals from Japan such as our gardeners. We truly appreciate having been invited by the Training Center and the great enthusiasm of the participants, enabling an enriching dialogue and exchange on Japanese Garden artistry. 

Kyoto Shimbun – Japanese Noh

Murin-an‘s event “Learn the basics of  Noh (classical Japanese musical drama)” was featured in the Kyoto Shimbun. Throughout the year we offer events promoting and expressing the value of the garden. We will continue to establish a diverse cultural program to enjoy the rich facets of Japanese culture connected to Japanese garden artistry. 


A Kyoto Machiya-style private residence with small gardens that Ueyakato created and has been fostering was featured in an architecture magazine. The Japanese gardens were introduced as unique features complimenting the newly reconstructed architecture, which could be a model for Kyoto-style buildings desired by heritage conscious Japanese and foreigners alike.



BS Asahi – Hyakuji Jyunrei

Both historical sights Nanzenji Temple and Murin-an were featured in the BS Asahi tv program “Hyakuji Jyunrei”. The striking footage of the view from the second story of the Sanmon (a large temple gate), sub-temples and their Zen gardens were shown. A highlight was the unique combination of the Roman inspired Suirokaku (a waterway landmark) and the surrounding Japanese traditional scenery. At Murin-an, our veteran garden craftsman Sakaue introduced the aesthetic points of the garden.

The Nikkei – Motto Kansai

Murin-an was featured as a pioneer of modern Japanese gardens design in The Nikkei. The article sheds light on the historical importance of the garden and explained its characteristics in detail.  Also introduced are our recent events to show visitors the preciousness of the garden and our efforts to foster it since becoming the designated management. The long-term fostering management is essential to keep historical sights viable. We, Ueyakato, will continue to devote time and effort to precise garden management and making gardens accessible to all our visitors. 

Iwakura@Taiseihokan stamp rally

The Former Retreat of Tomomi Iwakura which Ueyakato operates, is featured in guide booklets issued in commemoration of the 150 year anniversary of the restoration of imperial rule. The booklets provide model tour routes to visit historical sites and places where you can collect stamps along the way. We look forward to welcoming you on the route to the former residence of the prominent politician Tomomi Iwakura of the Meiji era.

KBS Kyoto Oyakamassan

Murin-an was featured in the KBS Kyoto tv program “Oyakamassan”. The program introduced Ueyakato’s unique management efforts and the history of the Place of Scenic Beauty. The scenic points of the garden were presented as well as the special morning quiz, only available in the summer months July and August. 

Keihanna Park Fun in the Forest

The summer event “Fun in the forest”, featured both in the Yomiuri Shimbun and Kyoto Shimbun, was held in the “Budding Tree Forest” section of the Keihanna Commemorative Park. At the park, you can enjoy a diverse wild flora. On this special occasion, children were invited to have fun with a swing and ladders set on the trees during their summer holidays.  

Saturday Plus Mainichi Housou

Nanzenji Temple and Murin-an were featured in the Japanese TV program MBS Saturday Plus. Our garden director Sakaue and a famous TV personality Madame Dewi toured with humour around the sites such as the historical Sanmon (a two-story gate to a temple) and the unique scenery with the Suirokaku (a waterway landmark). At Murin-an, they enjoyed the tranquil sound of the stream, the signature feature of the modern Japanese garden.