2019/01/15 Murin-an Event Featured in Kyoto Shimbun

2019/01/15 Murin-an Event Featured in Kyoto Shimbun

Kyoto Shimbun, Kyoto’s leading local newspaper,  has featured “Murin-an’s World of Precious Woods and Timber, No. 2 (Cultural Property Seminar, Technical Series, No.7),” an event held at Murin-an garden, which Ueyakato Landscape operates as its designated manager. For this event, we walked around Murin-an’s main building and tearoom—actual examples of sukiya architecture—while listening to explanations from Professor Shigeru Sugasawa, a visiting researcher at Kogakuin University, and precious woods expert Noriko Nakagawa about their timber materials. While Murin-an’s architecture may look plain on first glance, the more we learn about craftsmen’s techniques, the more we can feel the depth and spirit of play in the architecture’s craftsmanship. This was a seminar that changed the way we look at Murin-an’s buildings and garden and allowed us to appreciate them with an even greater sense of fascination.  


2019/01/08 Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design Visits Murin-an

Murin-an: Place of Scenic Beauty, which Ueyakato Landscape operates as its designated manager, was visited by students from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design (GSD). This school brings together some of the most highly motivated and talented students in the world with the aim of training professionals to solve global issues by using the power of design. Together we experienced why the essence of the landscape gardener’s work lies not in maintenance, but in “fostering.”


2018/12/20 Ueyakato Landscape Contributes to New Edited Volume

Shibunkaku Publishing has published a new book, Garden and Architecture in Sencha Tea Culture (Niwa to kenchiku no sencha bunka) that includes articles by Ueyakato Landscape Representative Director and President Tomoki Kato and Ueyakato Landscape employee Yukari Muto. This book is an unprecedented work that uses the history and defining characteristics of gardens and architecture to systematically unravel the mysteries of sencha tea culture, an indispensable element to our understanding of modern sukiya spaces.

12/14 land8.com

We are pleased to see that Portland Japanese Garden’s training center director Kristen Faurest has featured Ueyakato Landscape President Tomoki Kato in an article written for the website “Land8: Landscape Architect Network“. Her article “Fostering the Future” cogently explains why professional gardeners do not simply maintain gardens in their current condition but instead foster their inner potential to the greatest degree possible, a long-held principle of President Kato’s first introduced outside Japan in his keynote speech to the 2014 North American Japanese Garden Association Conference in Chicago.

2018/12/01 Ueyakato Landscape President Contributes to Landscaping Business Handbook

Ueyakato Landscape Representative Director and President Tomoki Kato wrote about garden management and plant management for the Landscaping Business Handbook (Zoen jitsumu hikkei) published by Asakura Publishing on December 1, 2018. This book is based on the experiences and actual practices of over 80 specialists. It uses various subjects and circumstances to explain the basic thinking and methods behind preserving and operating environments where nature and people can beautifully coexist. This work systematically organizes a wide range of fields related to landscaping from the perspective of the worksite. We feel it will be of great use not just for learning about landscaping, but also as a practical manual for technicians at the worksite.

2018/11/25 Murin-an Featured on Live Television

Murin-an garden, which Ueyakato Landscape operates as its designated manager,  was the main venue for the live broadcast of “Kyoto Autumn Colors, Live 2018: Autumn Evenings Filled with Meiji Period Romanticism,” a television show co-sponsored by KBS Kyoto and BS11. This two-hour special introduced a series of autumn color viewing spots from all over Kyoto. The Former Residence of Iwakura Tomomi, also operated by Ueyakato Landscape, was featured as well. At Murin-an, there were live performances of Noh theater and works created using moss, both of which were shown against the background of the garden’s autumn color scenery. 


2018/11/20 Ueyakato Lecture at Chishaku-in Temple

On November 20 (Tues.), Ueyakato Landscape President and Representative Director Tomoki Kato gave a talk entitled “The Allure of Temple Gardens” at a lecture meeting of the Kyoto Prefectural Buddhism Association held at Chishaku-in Temple. He introduced different examples of temple gardens that have formed their own unique value in accordance with their topography and the time and place in which they were created. The talk was positively received from the many participants in attendance and was also featured in the following day’s morning edition (November 21) of Kyoto Shimbun, Kyoto’s leading newspaper.

2018/11/07 Goethe-Institut Villa Kamogawa Visits Nanzen-ji and Murin-an

Ueyakato Landscape’s garden concierges gave a tour around Nanzen-ji Temple and Murin-an Garden to artists-in-residence at Goethe-Institut Villa Kamogawa. These artists are active in a wide range of fields, including photography, music, and art. We explained to them the changes that have occurred in each period of Japanese gardening history and how to look at Japanese gardens. They were very pleased with the tour and said it would provide a useful reference for them during the rest of their stay in Kyoto. We hope that their learning experiences at Japanese gardens provide each of them with inspiration for their creative works.


2018/10/23 Unit Construction Method Wins at the Ichizokai Awards

“The Unit Construction Method of Paving Used at Hoshinoya Tokyo” won the Award of Excellence at the Ichizokai Awards, held by the National Association of Class-1 Landscape Gardening Execution Management Engineers to encourage the efforts of landscaping engineers. Landscaping construction today requires short-term construction and thus craftsmen have increasingly fewer opportunities to take the time necessary to fully use their ingenuity and construction skills. Amid this context, Ueyakato Landscape developed the unit construction method to realize a higher level of technique that also meets the construction periods that owners require. Receiving this award further renews our spirits as we continue engaging in the daily work of our construction sites. 

The 2018 Japan ICOMOS Award

Tomoki Kato, Representative Director and President of Ueyakato Landscape Co., Ltd., has been selected to receive the 2018 Japan ICOMOS Award for his article, “Contemporary Policies and Practices in the Conduct and Utilization of Research for the Preservation of Japanese Gardens as Cultural Heritage Sites.” The Japan ICOMOS Award was founded in 2014 by the Japan ICOMOS National Committee to recognize those who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of principles, activities and projects for the preservation and utilization of cultural heritage sites. We are grateful to the committee for its recognition of our efforts thus far, and plan to continue building upon those efforts in the future.

Press release  The 2018 Japan ICOMOS Award





2018/09/01 Unit Construction Method Featured in Landscape Design

The unit construction method of pavement, a landscape construction technology developed by Ueyakato Landscape, is featured in Landscape Design, No.122. We have been improving and refining this technology since 2013 and plan to continue applying it to our garden creation efforts to open up even greater possibilities for Japanese garden landscape construction. 


2018/05/01 Ueyakato Featured in Enjoy Kyoto

Ueyakato Landscape has been featured in Enjoy Kyoto, an English-language tourism information magazine. In addition to introductions to the basic elements of gardens and Japanese garden history, there is also an interview with Ueyakato Landscape President Tomoki Kato. We cooperated with Enjoy Kyoto in the hope of helping overseas visitors to Kyoto feel the depth of the Japanese gardens they visit. In the future, we will continue these efforts to help people throughout the world recognize the cultural value of Murin-an and other Kyoto gardens.   


2018/03/14 Article Published in the Journal of the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture/ Kai Kaga

“Garden Renovation Construction at Hoshino Resort: KAI Kaga,” an article by lead author Hajime Anno and two other co-authors, all from Ueyakato Landscape’s Gardening Department, was published in the Journal of the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture, vol.81 (a special edition of selected works on spatial design). The journal also included an independent review of the article: “This is contemporary garden creation that respects Ishikawa Prefecture’s natural features and culture while also sublimating machiya (traditional Japanese townhouses) renovated architecture to produce an even more attractive space.”


2018/03/14 Article Published in the Journal of the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture/ Keihanna

“Participatory Improvement of the Landscape at Keihanna Commemorative Park,” an article by lead author Toshinori Funao and six other co-authors, all from Ueyakato Landscape’s Designated Management Division, was published in the Journal of the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture, vol.81 (special edition of selected works on aging management). The journal also included an independent review of this article: “This is a work that aims to realize a dynamic, living landscape by practicing creative management as the designated managers of an already developed park.”  

2018/03/01 English Translation of Ogawa Jihei Biography Published

University of Tokyo Press has published an English translation of Hiroyuki Suzuki’s “Landscape Gardener Ogawa Jihei and His Times” through the Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture. This book also includes descriptions of Murin-an garden, which Ueyakato Landscape manages and operates as its designated manager. After he was commissioned by Yamagata Aritomo to create Murin-an’s garden, Ogawa Jihei VII became responsible for the creation of modern Japanese gardens and thereby gained the support of politicians and industrial leaders responsible for wielding power in Japan. This is a book that describes in detail the age when Japanese gardens advanced forward as they incorporated elements from the West.      

2018/03/01 Swedish-language Book on Garden Moss and Murin-an

Swedish journalist Ulrica Nordström has published Mossa – Fran skog till tradgard och kurka, a book about moss. Here she introduces readers to the moss ecology that exists inside gardens and features information about Murin-an, a garden operated and managed by Ueyakato Landscape as well as Ueyakato Landscape President Tomoki Kato.

特別史跡・特別名勝 平城京左京三条二坊宮跡庭園

An open day at the restoration site of Kyuseki Garden, a Japanese garden dating to the Nara Period, was held welcoming citizens to visit the usually closed parts of the gardens. As UEYAKATO LANDSCAPE is involved in the restoration work, our staff explained the garden and answered many questions the participants had regarding the history,  craftship and handling of garden relicts and stones. 

A special tea ceremony event at Murin-an was featured on NHK TV program

A special tea ceremony event held at Murin-an, which UEYAKATO takes care and operates as a designated management, was featured on NHK TV program “News 845 – Kansai News and weather.” To commemorate the original owner of the villa Aritomo Yamagata, the special Japanese tea ritual as a part of Tea Ceremony training was performed.


Jal Skyward

Japan Airlines Inflight-magazine “Skyward” Februrary 2018 featured an interview with our CEO Tomoki Kato. As head of a company that has been in charge for the upkeep of temple and public gardens since 1848, the interview reveals insight how the experience achieved over generations transformed through fostering craftmanship and garden artisans’ training until today. 

Keihanna Commemorative Park was featured in “KyotoQR” magazine.

Keihanna Commemorative Park, which UEYAKATO takes care and operates as a designated management, was featured in QR code information magazine “KyotoQR.” Our gardeners and garden office staff take pride in keeping the park where visitors can appreciate natural sceneries and changes of seasons.