Rare Bee@Mainichi Shimbun

Rare Bee@Mainichi Shimbun

The discovery of an endangered species Stizus pulcherrimus by our staff member Inamoto at Keihanna Commemorative Park was featured in the Mainichi Shimbun. This wasp is registered on the Red List of threatened species issued by the Ministry of the Environment. At Keihanna, we strive to provide and protect diverse habitat for wild plants and animals. 

Todaiji Gakuen Junior High School

Todaiji Gakuen Junior High School students came to Keihanna Memorial Park for a workplace tour. Our gardener Tomohiko Muto, who is park director and in charge of the overall landscape, introduced the park, how it is managed and what role it plays. Although it was a hot summer day, the students listened attentively and got a look behind the scenes of a park managing site. 


Murin-an was featured in a monthly publication on tea called “Cha-no-Ma” (August issue), described as a place where delicious Japanese green tea is served in Kyoto all year around. Every bowl of Matcha is made for each guest with great care. Cold Matcha is also available during hot summer months. Please check our various tea events, including tea ceremonies and workshops at the Tea House inside the garden.


Murin-an was featured in a travel magazine called “Tabi-no-Techo” as a leading modern Japanese garden, drawing in the water from Lake Biwa canal. The magazine introduces Murin-an as creation of the noted garden craftsman Jihei Ogawa VII and a representative of transient sensibility of the Meiji period. Please ask at the reception for a 10-minute guided tour offered free of charge anytime of the day.

The discovery of a pink cricket-Euconocephalus thunbergi by our staff member Inamoto at Keihanna Commemorative Park was featured in the Mainichi Shimbun and TV Asahi “Super J Channel.” 

The discovery of a pink cricket-Euconocephalus thunbergi by our staff member Inamoto at Keihanna Commemorative Park was featured in the Mainichi Shimbun. This rare color was thought to have caused by the lack of some pigment, which was discovered in “Suikei-en” area of the Keihanna on 17th July. This rare insect is displayed at the Visitor Center. TV Asahi “Super J Channel” also featured this discovery on November 8 and aired that the colorful cricket is popular especially among children.




Murin-an was featured on Japanese TV (“Kansai Johou Net ten”).  The program described the original owner, Yamagata, and his garden ideas and perception. Both an easy to understand and entertaining program, in which also our president Kato appeared to explain the highlight of the garden, with the Higashiyama Mountains as the main focus of the garden.  

Charophyceae at Keihanna@Mainichi Shimbun

The endangered species Charophyceae growing at Keihanna Commemorative Park was featured in The Mainichi Shimbun. The algae, now on the Red List of threatened species, used to be seen across the nation in ponds and paddy fields, but use of chemicals and modern land cultivation methods have led to near extinction. At Keihanna, rice is grown organically and in the traditional wet fields, so plants like Charophyceae can still grow in their natural habitat. 

The daylily flowering at Keihanna Commemorative Park

The daylily flowering at Keihanna Commemorative Park was featured in ”The Mainichi Shimbun”. The night-blooming yellow flower that lasts no more than 24 hours started opening in the evening. Our staff Inamoto, the expert for biological surveys in the park, explained the beautiful characteristics of the flower. 

Buddhist monks@Murin-an

Ueyakato welcomed a group of Buddhist monks,  who work as probation officers in their communities, to Murin-an. Referring to a talk given the day before, our president Tomoki Kato explained the characteristics of Murin-an as a cultural asset and showed examples of our garden fostering efforts. Blessed by good weather the participants could afterwards enjoy the tour through the garden by a Murin-an staff despite being rainy season.

Buddhist monk workshop

Our president Tomoki Kato made a presentation at a workshop for Buddhist monks, who also contribute to their communities as probation officers. It was our pleasure to get involved in the educational programs for public servants and we hope the talk on Kyoto gardens, their life force and how they are nurtured and taken care of at Ueyakato may be enriching for their work. 

BS Asahi ‘Hyakunen Meika’

Shosei-en Garden of Higashi Honganji Temple, which we UEYAKATO take care of, was featured on Japanese TV (BS Asahi Hyakunen Meika). Both the history and key scenic points were introduced in an easy-to-grasp manner and the well-known presenters Norito Yashima and Riho Makise gave a fun tour through the garden.  Along with the Prof. Shimizu of Kyoto Institute of Technology, our president Kato explained the main highlights of the garden.  We hope to welcome more visitors to this miraculously preserved gem just walking distance from Kyoto Station. 

TRIAD 6/6-6/8

Two interns from the TRIAD fellowship program visited Ueyakato for three days from June 6th. For the first two days, the interns created a small-scale tea garden under the instruction of our senior garden craftsman, followed by visits to several Kyoto gardens on the final day. Though challenged with new tools, terms and tasks at first, the fellows became soon familiar and accomplished their work smoothly. With their freshly acquired frame of reference as garden owner, craftsman as well as from a management point of view, the interns experienced the depth of Japanese gardens during the tour on the last day. We hope the interns can use the new perspective on landscape and management and further enjoy their upcoming rest of the fellowship program.

A Study of Murin-an’s Past Scenery from Old Photographs Property of General Yamagata Memorial Museum

Ueyakato president Tomoki Kato, garden artisan Tomio Sakaue and Kazuki Shimizu of Shimizu Landscape presented their recent paper “A Study of Murin-an’s Past Scenery from Old Photographs Property of General Yamagata Memorial Museum” at the annual congress of the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture. The research is based on old photographs kindly given by the “General Yamagata Memorial Museum” last year, now published in ”Landscape Research Japan, Vol.80 No.5, March 2017, Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture”

A Study of Murin-an’s Past Scenery from Old Photographs Property of General Yamagata Memorial Museum (English summary, Japanese text)

Ueyakato Landscape curator@Hanazono University

Our curator Nobuhiro Shigeoka of the Designated Management Department was featured in the school pamphlet of Hanazono University, Kyoto. As a shining alumnus, his succesful efforts to preserve and promote National Historic Sites, as both Murin-an garden and  The Former Retreat of Tomomi Iwakura are, were introduced. If you come across the article, take a look! “OB’s MESSAGE”

Light-up@Yomiuri Newspaper

The “Fresh Greenery Illuminationat Murin-an garden was featured in The Yomiuri Shimbun along with information on the garden and the event itself. Created by Jihei Ogawa VII (7th) under the politician Aritomo Yamagata’s instructions, now for the first time the garden is open at night for the public to enjoy the view of the lush fresh green.  

local tourism promotion organization (’5K会’ )

At a meeting of  a local tourism promotion organization (’5K会’ ) our company president Kato and Yamada (Heritage and Garden Artistry manager)  made a presentation on raising awareness for and promoting Japanese gardens abroad and within inbound tourism. Framed within these topics, they introduced our Japanese gardens abroad as well as our work at Murin-an as designated management company. Especially our efforts to continuously provide bilingual information at Murin-an had been favorably received  by the audience. We will strive to continue introducing Japanese gardens to people from different countries and cultural backgrounds. 

Light-up at Murin-an @Kyoto Shimbun

The “Fresh Greenery Illuminationat Murin-an garden was featured in The Kyoto Shimbun. The event was introduced as a successful synthesis of cultural heritage preservation and tourism effort as the garden was transformed with many lighting equipment without any alteration to the property. We appreciate the efforts of everyone involved in the preparation, especially LEM Design Studio Co. Ltd. Without them we couldn’t have brought this event to the community to enjoy the special night view of Murin-an garden. 

NHK Radio

Murin-an garden was introduced on two NHK Radio programs (Kansai Doyo Hot Time & Kansai Radio Wide”).  Our company president Tomoki Kato and garden craftsman Tomio Sakaue were interviewed about various topics such as the current “Fresh Greenery Illumination“, the benefits and feature of having a garden craftsman as a guide and, in addition, the objective as a designated management company of a Place of Scenic Beauty such as Murin-an garden is. We had a rare opportunity to express the fascination of Japanese gardens on a radio broadcast.

Kyoto City’s Reforestation Activities

In the past, the trees of Kyoto mountains have been seriously harmed by spread of diseases. Therefore , Kyoto City has started activities from 2005 on, focusing on reforestation and prevention. Their recent activities, which Ueyakato was also involved in, were summarized in their March publication of “Shiki・Irodori no Morizukuri dayori No.5, 2017” (‘Four Seasons・Colourful Reforestation Program’) . At the latest event, up to 110 citizens participated in planting trees. We will continue to provide support in growing beautiful and diverse trees, which shape the scenery of Kyoto mountains. 
Shiki・Irodori no Morizukuri dayori No.5, 2017”

Murin-an Garden@Arte (European culture channel)

Arte broadcasted a documentary on Murin-an Garden. Enriched by historical facts and scenes from the famous Gion festival of Kyoto, the documentary presented detailed knowledge of the garden and its current maintenance and fostering practices. We express our gratitude to the Arte team and appreciate their professionalism with which they covered Murin-an Garden. Link online in French or German (Available till Jun,13th, Europe only).