Ueyakato Landscape gardener Shigeyoshi Takemura explained how to view Japanese gardens for a Kyoto City sponsored culture and arts experience program for students.

At Nanzen-ji Temple’s “Dainei-ken,” whose garden Ueyakato Landscape manages, our gardener Shigeyoshi Takemura gave a talk for Kyoto City’s “Culture and Arts Experience Program Connecting Students Studying in Kyoto and at Kyoto Companies.” After a lecture and seated meditation (zazen) session from Nanzen-ji Temple’s Director of Education Toshiaki Hosomi, Takemura talked about the history of Japanese gardens and how to enjoy looking at them. He explained the garden’s viewpoints and the highlights in each of its areas while guiding students through a section of the garden ordinarily closed to the public. The students intently took photographs, looked at the garden from different angles, and learned about how to view a Japanese garden.
*Masks were removed only while taking this photo.

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