2018/11/20 Ueyakato Lecture at Chishaku-in Temple

2018/11/20 Ueyakato Lecture at Chishaku-in Temple

On November 20 (Tues.), Ueyakato Landscape President and Representative Director Tomoki Kato gave a talk entitled “The Allure of Temple Gardens” at a lecture meeting of the Kyoto Prefectural Buddhism Association held at Chishaku-in Temple. He introduced different examples of temple gardens that have formed their own unique value in accordance with their topography and the time and place in which they were created. The talk was positively received from the many participants in attendance and was also featured in the following day’s morning edition (November 21) of Kyoto Shimbun, Kyoto’s leading newspaper.

2018/11/07 Goethe-Institut Villa Kamogawa Visits Nanzen-ji and Murin-an

Ueyakato Landscape’s garden concierges gave a tour around Nanzen-ji Temple and Murin-an Garden to artists-in-residence at Goethe-Institut Villa Kamogawa. These artists are active in a wide range of fields, including photography, music, and art. We explained to them the changes that have occurred in each period of Japanese gardening history and how to look at Japanese gardens. They were very pleased with the tour and said it would provide a useful reference for them during the rest of their stay in Kyoto. We hope that their learning experiences at Japanese gardens provide each of them with inspiration for their creative works.


特別史跡・特別名勝 平城京左京三条二坊宮跡庭園

An open day at the restoration site of Kyuseki Garden, a Japanese garden dating to the Nara Period, was held welcoming citizens to visit the usually closed parts of the gardens. As UEYAKATO LANDSCAPE is involved in the restoration work, our staff explained the garden and answered many questions the participants had regarding the history,  craftship and handling of garden relicts and stones. 

A group from JICE international exchange project KAKEHASHI project visited us at Murin-an.

A group from JICE international exchange KAKEHASHI project visited Murin-an. A group of administrators and program managers from the Portland Japanese Garden, Oregon, the US, enjoyed a tea ceremony experience and guided tour of the garden. As a fellow management of Japanese gardens, we appreciated meaningful exchanges of ideas in providing cultural experiences and newly found friendship. 

The Austrian Federal Gardens visited us at Murin-an, as part of the Austrian-Japanese Garden Culture Symposium.

The Austrian Federal Gardens visited us at Murin-an, as part of the Austrian-Japanese Garden Culture Symposium. While introducing techniques and thoughts on Japanese garden culture and landscape, we learned about the Austrian garden culture, history and craftsmanship as well. It was a valuable opportunity to share our common ideas on the importance of making the gardens’ values palpable to the visitors as well as managing gardens according to land and climate. 

Maimai Kyoto tour at Konkai-Komyoji Temple

Our senior garden craftsman Oka gave a tour at Konkai-Komyoji Temple for a collaborative event of Maimai Kyoto and a local association to promote the neighborhood. The tour included private rooms at the temple and two of sub-temples on the ground. Oka introduced his personal episodes at the time of the garden construction and some scenic points. The participants enjoyed the opportunity to get the glimpse of the gardener’s art and mind despite the heavy rain.  

Night event at Kyoto City Zoo

UEYAKATO  participated in a night event at the city zoo which we take care of. Our garden craftsmen Takeshi Kato and Hiromu Saito gave tours for the event “Night guided tour by a gardener – find nocturnal chirping insects”  in the Kyoto-no-Mori, the Japanese village scenery area, we created and care for. The Kyoto-no-Mori represents an image of villages and forests in Kyoto and promotes the preservation of natural habitat. The participants enjoyed the guided tours and discovered some nature’s wonder in the middle of the city zoo!

Maimai guided tour at Nanzenji

Our veteran gardener Takemura gave a guided tour at the Nanzen-ji Temple for an event sponsored by the Maimai Kyoto, an organization providing guided tours in and around Kyoto, to promote the Nanzen-ji neighborhood. The tour included the likes of Nanzen-in Temple, Hojo garden, the main gate while introducing the gardener’s view on gardens and how varied the care of each garden could be. The tour turned out to be as unique as the individual garden in the Nanzen-ji vicinity as Takemura also talked about his favorite subjects such as stone lanterns and scenic stones.  

Buddhist monks@Murin-an

Ueyakato welcomed a group of Buddhist monks,  who work as probation officers in their communities, to Murin-an. Referring to a talk given the day before, our president Tomoki Kato explained the characteristics of Murin-an as a cultural asset and showed examples of our garden fostering efforts. Blessed by good weather the participants could afterwards enjoy the tour through the garden by a Murin-an staff despite being rainy season.

Buddhist monk workshop

Our president Tomoki Kato made a presentation at a workshop for Buddhist monks, who also contribute to their communities as probation officers. It was our pleasure to get involved in the educational programs for public servants and we hope the talk on Kyoto gardens, their life force and how they are nurtured and taken care of at Ueyakato may be enriching for their work. 

Kyoto City’s Reforestation Activities

In the past, the trees of Kyoto mountains have been seriously harmed by spread of diseases. Therefore , Kyoto City has started activities from 2005 on, focusing on reforestation and prevention. Their recent activities, which Ueyakato was also involved in, were summarized in their March publication of “Shiki・Irodori no Morizukuri dayori No.5, 2017” (‘Four Seasons・Colourful Reforestation Program’) . At the latest event, up to 110 citizens participated in planting trees. We will continue to provide support in growing beautiful and diverse trees, which shape the scenery of Kyoto mountains. 
Shiki・Irodori no Morizukuri dayori No.5, 2017”

Create a Petite Garden @Konkai Komyo-Ji Temple

Our unique event ‘Create a Petite Garden’ was held at ‘Shiun-no-Niwa”, a garden part of Konkai Komyo-Ji Temple that Ueyakato takes care of. Upon request by the Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau, the event took place within the 44th Kyoto International Tourism Contents Research Event and the participants were guided personally by our garden craftsmen, Takahito Oka and Yasutomo Inoue. It was an opportunity to propose ideas for tourism and MICE projects in Japan and was well received by participants: “It will be valuable experience not only for VIP clients but also for corporate team building programs.’ We will continue to promote Japanese garden culture and hope to contribute to tourism and MICE projects through workshops alike.

A Family workshop about knowing Okazaki, Kyoto titled “Oyako Okashiru Villa and Garden edition” was held in the Murin-an Gerden

A Family workshop to let local children acquainted with the neighborhood was held in the Murin-an Garden. Our company president Kato and garden artisan Sakauke acted as lectures. Elementary school-aged children acted as guests to the garden and experienced at first-hand Japanese hospitality and how a villa and garden like Murin-an works in that regard as well as gardeners’ perspectives on how to care for historical gardens. It was a delightful day that we were able to show the children how beauty in everyday life could be celebrated.


Garden Tour Event Hosted by JTB Nodule and Maimai Kyoto

October 10, 2016 (Monday) – Our president Tomoki Kato and two of our garden craftsman, Shigeyoshi Takemura and Tomio Sakaue, conducted a yearly popular garden tour event hosted by JTB Nodule and Maimai Kyoto. This year’s tour was of Nanzen-ji Temple and Murin-an garden. Thank you for joining us at this event!

Nodule flyer (Japanese)

May 4, 2016 – MaiMai Kyoto Tour of Garden Craftsman’s Work

On May 4, 2016 (Wed) MaiMai Kyoto conducted a tour to see the work of one of our garden craftsman, Tomio Sakaue at Murin-an. We hope participants learned something new about the professional work of a garden craftsman. 
Event: View the work of a garden craftsman at Murin-an! Learn about the techniques and the spirit of a garden craftsman that leads to creating this beautiful garden. ~Different techniques used in each season, the 7 tools of the garden craftsmen, and how to appreciate the garden scenery and expression~

MaiMai Kyoto (Japanese)

The Building and Gardens Which Make Kyoto Attractive (discussion)

On January 29, 2016 (Friday) – City of Kyoto invited our president Tomoki Kato was invited to give a presentation on fostering and promotion of Kyoto’s scenic gardens to the owners and city officials at “The Building and Gardens Which Make Kyoto Attractive” discussion session. Examples of actual garden care were presented and though discussions of garden issues that owners felt, we were able to create a stronger relationship. Thank you for participating in this session.
Hosted by the Cultural Property Preservation Section, City of Culture and Art Promotion Office, Culture and Citizens Affairs Bureau, City of Kyoto. 

Buildings and Garden Web
Buildings and Garden List (3rd Edition)

October 30, 2015 – JTB Nodule x Maimai Kyoto Autumn Tour

October 30, 2015 (Friday) – Our president Tomoki Kato and one of our garden craftsman, Tomio Sakaue, conducted a guided tour of Nanzen-ji Temple, Konchin-in, and Murin-an Garden for an event hosted by JTB Nodule and Maimai Kyoto. Thank you for joining us at this event!

Nodule (flyer)

October 20, 2015 SKY Tour Guide Garden Lecture

October 20, 2015 (Tuesday) Our president Tomoki Kato was invited to conduct a garden lecture for the “Kyoto SKY Tour Guide Seminar Lecture” hosted by Heartpia Kyoto. The lecture started with the history of Kyoto gardens to how the beautiful scenic view of Murin-an Garden is created. Thank you for coming to the lecture!

SKY Tour Guide

Portland Japanese Garden x Keihanna Comm. Park Cooperative Agreement

October 16, 2015 – Cooperative Agreement of Mutual Exchange was signed between the Portland Japanese Garden (Oregon, USA) and Ueyakato Landscape Co., Ltd., designated by Kyoto Prefecture to manage and operate the Keihanna Commemorative Park.

Mr. Stephen Bloom, the CEO of the Portland Japanese Garden attended the signing event and afterwards, discussed with Dr. Tomoki Kato, our company president, and director Takashi Yamaguchi of Keihanna Comm. Park about potential future exchanges. While learning from each other’s strengths, we will work to pass-down garden techniques and broaden the appreciation and understanding of Japanese garden culture.

Portland Japanese Garden

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Guided Tour by Garden Craftsman of Three Gardens in Okazaki

Sep 27 (Sun), 2015 – One of our skilled garden craftsmen, Tomio Sakaue conducted a guided tour of Japanese gardens we maintain in the Okazaki neighborhood. The event was hosted by the Okazaki Community Promotion Committee and Maimai Kyoto. Guided lecture included the thoughts of garden craftsmen who fosters Murin-an garden and reconstruction of the Aoi-den Garden at the Westin Miyako Kyoto.
Event: Anniversary of selected Important Cultural Landscapes “Guided Tour by Designated Garden Craftsman of Three Gardens of Scenic Beauty Created by Jihei Ogawa (7th generation) ~ Murin-an, the Kasui-en and Aoi-den Garden of the Westin Miyako Hotel Kyoto.”

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