Ueyakato Landscape Executive Director Yoshiki Kato teaches a “Pine Pruning Course” at Nagahama Betsuin Daitsu-ji Temple.

Nagahama Betsuin Daitsu-ji Temple, whose garden is managed by Ueyakato Landscape, held a “Pine Pruning Course” for parishioners and others as an event to pass on Japan’s traditional tree pruning techniques.
Yoshiki Kato, Ueyakato Landscape’s Executive Director, explained the basics of pine trees and how they are cared for. Participants then broke up into two groups and experienced pine care for themselves. For this hands-on portion of the course, Ueyakato Landscape gardeners Yoshiyuki Tajiri and Chika Yoshida assisted participants and provided easy-to-understand explanations about how to envision what a pine tree should look like before pruning or needle plucking it.
During instruction, we received many questions about pine care basics. We hope the course will be useful to participants in their future tree care activities.

Daitsu-ji Temple

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