An essay of a young garden craftswoman published on a landscape magazine

An essay of a young garden craftswoman published on a landscape magazine

An essay by our young garden craftswoman Sanae Handa was featured in the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture vol.81.  She wrote about her daily struggle as an apprentice and responsibility as a wildflower researcher at the historically valued Murin-an garden. With this rare opportunity, she renewed her resolve to boost the UEYAKATO by cultivating the climate where young landscapers can acquire a broad perspective and hold awareness of prospective issues.  


A Study of Murin-an’s Past Scenery from Old Photographs Property of General Yamagata Memorial Museum

Ueyakato president Tomoki Kato, garden artisan Tomio Sakaue and Kazuki Shimizu of Shimizu Landscape presented their recent paper “A Study of Murin-an’s Past Scenery from Old Photographs Property of General Yamagata Memorial Museum” at the annual congress of the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture. The research is based on old photographs kindly given by the “General Yamagata Memorial Museum” last year, now published in ”Landscape Research Japan, Vol.80 No.5, March 2017, Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture”

A Study of Murin-an’s Past Scenery from Old Photographs Property of General Yamagata Memorial Museum (English summary, Japanese text)

Research paper published on sensitivity of wildflowering utilization@Murin-an

The research paper of our gardeners Tomio Sakaue, Sanae Handa and company president Tomoki Kato was recently published in the ‘Technial Reports of Landscape Architecture No.9, 2017’ by the Japanese Institue of Landscape Architecture. The paper explains the implementation of diligent care of wildflowers as an essential value in Japanese garden management. It is known that Aritomo Yamagata, the founder of the garden, enjoyed the naturally blooming wildflowers. 

Sakaue, T., Handa, S. & Kato, T. (2017). Garden Fostering of the Lawn that Invesitigates Fundamental Sensitivity of Wildflower Utilization at Murin-an Garden a National Place of Scenic Beauty. Technial Reports of Landscape Architecture (JILA), 80 (9): 40-45 (Japanese) 


February 05, 2017 – Our company president made a presentation titled “the operation and tourism of Murin-an Garden” at a conference on “Gardens as touristic resources”.

February 05, 2017 – Our company president made a presentation titled “the operation and tourism of Murin-an Garden” at a conference on “Gardens as touristic resources”. The aim of the conference is to look into the future potential of gardens as touristic resources by following the historical background of gardens used as touristic resources in Japan and Europe as well as the current situation. There were lively discussions on the current situation of the gardens as touristic resources in Japan and Europe with guest speakers from the UK and Italy this year.

Two English Internees from the TRIAD Fellowship Program

From October 17, 2016  ~ October 20, 2016 – Our company welcomed two interns (Colette and Neil) from the TRIAD Fellowship Program. Their mentor for 4-days was one of our garden craftsmen, Yasutomo Inoue. They worked 1-day each at the following 4 sites: Murin-an Garden the nationally designated Place of Scenic Beauty, HOSHINOYA Kyoto Inn, Shosei-en Garden, and the Keihanna Commemorative Park. Through this internship, the two interns from England learned about pruning methods and garden cleaning as well as the fundamental concept of the garden fostering and management style of Kyoto.

TRIAD Fellowship Program

Japanese Institute of Landscape Architect 2016 Kansai Branch Conference

On October 16, 2016 (Sunday) –  At the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architect 2016 Kansai Branch conference, one of our staff, Sanae Handa, presented her research thesis on Murin-an garden. The same research was awarded the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architect 2016 Kansai Branch Award.

Research presentation title: “Garden Fostering by Investigating Fundamental Sensitivity of Murin-an Garden a National Place of Scenic Beaty” – Utilizing Wildflowers in Lawn Which Aritomo Yamagata Admired –

September 15, 2016 – Tottori Prefecture Cultural Assets Garden Engineer Workshop

September 15, 2016 (Thurs) – Our company president, Tomoki Kato and our young garden craftsman, Sanae Handa were invited to conduct a lecture on the “Annual Fostering Techniques of Existing Plants of Murin-an Garden as a National Place Scenic Beauty” at the Tottori Prefecture cultural assets garden engineer workshop hosted by the Tottori Prefectural Board of Education. Our president, Tomoki Kato, talked extensively about the method “For Preserving the Spatial Characteristics of Original Sensitivity of Aritomo Yamagata,” and Sanae Handa talked about how the grass is fostered and cared for to nurture an aesthetic scenery accented with wildflowers. We received high interest from the audience, which was composed of members involved with the management of the local Tottori cultural asset gardens.

Lecture on Chishakuin for thePreservation of Kyoto’s Cultural Sightseeing Resources.

July 23, 2016 (Sat) – Our president, Tomoki Kato conducted a lecture about the Designated Place of Scenic Beauty: Chishakuin at the cultural asset appreciation gathering hosted by the Preservation of Kyoto’s Cultural Sightseeing Resources. Thank you to the estimated 100 participants who came and showed great interest in the lecture.

Two Interns from the TRIAD Fellowship Program

July 19, 2016 ~ July 22, 2016 – We welcomed two interns, Ishida and Ryu, from the TRIAD Fellowship Program that is partially supported by the Awaji Landscape & Horticulture Academy. They learned about our company’s philosophy and way of garden fostering and investigating the intended garden meanings though their experience at Murin-an garden and the Keihanna Commemorative Park, both of which our company is designated to manage and care for. They plan to use their experience towards their future goals of increasing the international appreciation and appeal of Japanese gardens.

TRIAD Fellowship Program

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Lisa Christy From Portland Japanese Garden

May 3, 2016 (Tues) – Lisa Christy from the Portland Japanese Garden, which our company has a mutual agreement with, was welcomed at Keihanna Commemorative Park and Murin-an garden. Discussion and sharing of information, such as goals, ways to disseminate garden techniques and culture, and management of operations were exchanged.

Portland Japanese Garden

TRIAD Fellowship Program Interns from England

March 29, 2016 ~ April 1, 2016 – We welcomed two interns from England, Katie Croft and Matthew Smith, from the TRIAD Fellowship program that is partially supported by the Awaji Landscape & Horticulture Academy. They went to the Keihanna Commemorative Park and Murin-an garden, which our company is designated to manage and care for, to learn about garden fostering and to improve their skills on garden management.
To read more about their experiences, please view the links below.

TRIAD Fellowship Program
Katie Croft
Matthew Smith

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2016 NAJGA Conference in Florida

March 7~8, 2016 – The North American Japanese Garden Association (NAJGA) held its biannual conference in Florida, USA.
On March 8, 2016 – Our president Tomoki Kato conducted a panel presentation the “Healing Scenery of Japanese Garden and Teaching the Next Generation” accompanied by our garden craftsman Takeshi Kato and landscape architect Sanae Kumakura. Our office staff Eureka Kobayashi served as the interpreter for the speech. The presentation of knowledge and on-site experience from the perspective of garden craftsmen and architect received high interest from the worldwide audience.

NAJGA Facebook

Oct. 4, 2015 – Akashi Garden Seminar

October 4, 2015 (Sunday) – Our president Tomoki Kato conducted a presentation at the “Hana to Midori no Machizukuri Seminar” held in the large hall of the Akashi Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the “2015 Hyogo Machinami Garden Show in Akashi.” The presentation title was “The Spirit and Techniques in Kyoto Traditional Gardens” and explained some of the garden craftsmen’s techniques that were passed-down since the Heian Era, such as Kyoto-style Sukashi (branch transparency) and Kuden (oral tradition). Thank you for attending the presentation. 


International Forum on Worldwide Famous Gardens Held on Awaji Island

April 25 (Sat) – “The International Forum on Worldwide Famous Gardens and Creation of Beautiful Landscape Flowers and Greenery Environment Creation and Care” was held in the main hall of the Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center. President Tomoki Kato was selected to be one of the panelists. During the panel discussion, we presented on the thought process of maintaining a Japanese garden, the skill and heart of the passing on of “kuden” (oral traditions), and being a professional Japanese garden craftsman. There was a photo gallery displayed at the conference hall of gardens from each panelist’s country. Several photographs of gardens we foster and maintain were also displayed.

Flyer (PDF)
Pamphlet (PDF)

The 2nd Kyoto Garden Tours by Ichizokai

April 10 (Fri) – 11 (Sat), 2015 – the 2nd Kyoto Garden Tours by Ichizokai was held. On Friday, the tour of Kyozomekaikan, Arashiyama Villa, and HOSHINOYA Kyoto gardens are ones our company created and continue to foster. President Kato lead the tour along with our garden craftsmen who took part in the garden’s creation and care; Mitsuru Yamaguchi, Masanori Hashimoto, Yasutomo Inoue, Hiroya Hayashi, Daisuke Umenishi, and Yumi Koyama. Our craftsmen conducted the guide from their real experiences in designing, creating, and caring for the gardens.

Famous Murin-an Garden Year-round Maintenance and Care

April 2015 issue of Landscape Research Japan Vol. 78 in the 2015 technical report, a research essay of one of our skilled garden craftsman Tomio Sakaue and President Kato was published. The essay is about Murin-an Garden, which we care for year-round. Essay title: Famous Murin-an Garden Your-round Maintenance and Care – Garden Care that Carrys-on Aritomo Yamagata’s Vision and Sensitivity –

Murin-an Essay (PDF)

World Famous French Garden Craftsman Mr. Gilles Clément

Feb. 24, 2015 – President Tomoki Kato met with Mr. Gilles Clément, a world famous French garden craftsman, and guided him through one of the gardens we foster, Murin-an Garden located along the street towards Nanzen-ji Temple.
  Part of the tour in Murin-an Garden is in a video that is on the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN) homepage under events.

RIHN homepage – article on Mr. Gilles Clément’s lecture series
February 2015 – leaflet of Mr. Gilles Clément’s lecture series (PDF)
President Tomoki Kato and Mr. Gilles Clément in Murin-an (video)

Ichizokai Issue No.49 (“Kyoto Garden Tours” Info)

The January 2015 issue of Ichizokai. In the event column, there is information about the event we assisted “Kyoto Garden Tours” by Kyoto Kenshu Kai. President Tomoki Kato was introduced as commentator and our skilled staff, Haruhi Yoshitake is mentioned as an assistant.
  On another page is a more in-depth article about the wonderful Kyoto Kenshu Kai activities.

Ichizokai Issue No.49 (Jan. 2015) – Kyoto Kenshu Kai report (2014)

Ichizokai Issue No.49 (Jan. 2015)

The Ichizokai Issue No.49 (January 2015) has an article covering the Ichizokai Award meeting held on October 24, 2014.
  2 of our wonderfully skilled staff are in the article, Yasutomo Inoue and Yumi Koyama, who received the grand award of excellence in 2014.
  In the column “My Work Site,” one of our garden craftsmen, Tomohiko Muto, wrote about his passionate fostering garden work he does at Keihanna Commemorative Park. We hope you can sense his passion and devotion to the park from the article.

Ichizokai Issue No.49 (Jan. 2015) – award
“My Work Site” (Tomohiko Muto)

2014 NAJGA Conference in Chicago

North American Japanese Garden Association(NAJGA) was held during October 16-18, 2014 in Chicago, USA.
On October 18, 2014 – President Tomoki Kato gave a Keynote Speech on “The spirit of the Kyoto garden craftsman ~Fostering Scenery Connecting Time and Space~ ”. Hugo Torii and Akane Ishii served as interpreter at the speech.
On October 16, 2014 – Workshop on “improvements in the evolution of a maturing garden” was held and Takeshi Kato and Hugo Torii supported to demonstrate how to prune and set scenery stone by using tripod.

Outline and summary “The Spirit of Kyoto Garden Craftsman” keynote speech
NAJGA Facebook