Two Interns from the TRIAD Fellowship Program

Two Interns from the TRIAD Fellowship Program

July 19, 2016 ~ July 22, 2016 – We welcomed two interns, Ishida and Ryu, from the TRIAD Fellowship Program that is partially supported by the Awaji Landscape & Horticulture Academy. They learned about our company’s philosophy and way of garden fostering and investigating the intended garden meanings though their experience at Murin-an garden and the Keihanna Commemorative Park, both of which our company is designated to manage and care for. They plan to use their experience towards their future goals of increasing the international appreciation and appeal of Japanese gardens.

TRIAD Fellowship Program

July 22 – We hope this experience will be useful in your future. Learn from the tradition, learn from the team!

July 19 –  Cleaning around Murin-an garden with Ms. Handa.

July 19 – Weeding in the moss at Murin-an garden.