2018/10/23 Unit Construction Method Wins at the Ichizokai Awards

2018/10/23 Unit Construction Method Wins at the Ichizokai Awards

“The Unit Construction Method of Paving Used at Hoshinoya Tokyo” won the Award of Excellence at the Ichizokai Awards, held by the National Association of Class-1 Landscape Gardening Execution Management Engineers to encourage the efforts of landscaping engineers. Landscaping construction today requires short-term construction and thus craftsmen have increasingly fewer opportunities to take the time necessary to fully use their ingenuity and construction skills. Amid this context, Ueyakato Landscape developed the unit construction method to realize a higher level of technique that also meets the construction periods that owners require. Receiving this award further renews our spirits as we continue engaging in the daily work of our construction sites. 

The 2018 Japan ICOMOS Award

Tomoki Kato, Representative Director and President of Ueyakato Landscape Co., Ltd., has been selected to receive the 2018 Japan ICOMOS Award for his article, “Contemporary Policies and Practices in the Conduct and Utilization of Research for the Preservation of Japanese Gardens as Cultural Heritage Sites.” The Japan ICOMOS Award was founded in 2014 by the Japan ICOMOS National Committee to recognize those who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of principles, activities and projects for the preservation and utilization of cultural heritage sites. We are grateful to the committee for its recognition of our efforts thus far, and plan to continue building upon those efforts in the future.

Press release  The 2018 Japan ICOMOS Award





Our company Received the 37th “Ishikawa Architecture Award”

July 2016 – Our company received the 37th “Ishikawa Architecture Award” from the Ishikawa Architects Association for our construction at Hoshino Resorts KAI Kaga. Our work emphasizes the wooden main building, while successfully keeping the distinct characteristics and aesthetic scenery of a hot spring. The three installed gardens create a smooth and harmonized atmosphere between the former main building and the new high-end building. The outcome was deemed to future assist the revitalization of the Yamashiro hot spring town, all of these appraisals led to this award.

May 27, 2016 – Our Company Received a President’s Award from Toda Corporation

On May 27, 2016 – Our company received the President’s Award from Toda Corporation for the construction of the HOSHINOYA Tokyo. We received high evaluation for reducing construction time by using the unit construction method while fully engaging the techniques of the craftsmen. Our President also conducted a presentation regarding the work progress which received high interest from the audience.

Ichizokai at HOSHINOYA Kyoto

October 24, 2014 – The project by Yumi Koyama and Yasutomo Inoue, “specialized hospitality by garden craftsmen at Hoshinoya Kyoto” received the grand award of excellence from Ichizokai (certified nationwide 1st class landscape gardening work operation and management engineers associates). The announcement took place at Hibiya Park (Tokyo).
  We will continue to work hard to provide high quality experiences from garden craftsmen style hospitality.

Specialized hospitality by garden craftsmen at HOSHINOYA Kyoto
  Ichizokai – 9th Award Ceremony

A study of continuous maintenance of Murinan Garden

Tomio Sakaue from our company won the special grand prize award of Ichizokai through an examination on October 25th, 2013. (Ichizokai is an abbreviation of “Zenkoku-1kyu-zoensekokanrigishi-no-kai”, The society of national 1st grade landscape construction technicians).
Presentation title: A study of continuous maintenance of Murinan Garden -to perceive a sense of the time-

A study of continuous maintenance of Murinan Garden