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In October 2018, the Kyoto International Conference Center opened a New Hall with a design that complements the existing Event Hall. The landscape construction for this plan realizes a space featuring a feeling of Kyoto through its theme of “garden and architecture as one” (teioku ichinyo) that integrates building and garden together.

At New Hall, efforts have also been made to display Kyoto-style arrangements, with particular emphasis on the hall’s interior décor. We therefore decided to incorporate traditional techniques, materials and spatial compositions to create a Kyoto-style arrangement inside the garden too.

Through a design created by Toshiro Komatsu of Nikken Sekkei Ltd., the four respectively unique areas of front garden, folding screen garden, courtyard garden, and the newly added exclusive suite garden are ingeniously integrated with the surrounding landscape and existing facilities even as they also connect together a diverse range of spaces.

In undertaking this design’s construction, Ueyakato Landscape first grasped the intention behind the design and then, based upon a close exchange of opinions with the designer, made proposals for each material and created mock-up samples in order to cooperate in bringing about a higher quality creation.

The folding screen garden nearby the foyer entrance, which is the hall’s entrance area, is arranged as a “reception garden” featuring the beauty of the four seasons in a mountain village and an earthen jar (suikinkutsu) that creates a soothingly pleasant sound from dripping water. In the front garden and courtyard garden, where concrete buildings harmonize together with dynamic dry landscape gardens, we proposed using Kyoto stones such as black Kurama stones to suit the space’s ambience. For the exclusive suite garden, we made full use of traditional craftsman techniques to create a scattered hailstone pavement (ararekoboshi) made from Kyoto stones. By fusing modern design together with Kyoto spirit in the setting of northern Kyoto, we have achieved a space suitable for guests from all over the world to gather together in.

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Location: Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
Accessibility: Open to the public (for conference center users)
Garden construction period: March 2016-June 2018

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