Location: Arashiyama, Nisikyo-ku, Kyoto
Landscaped: in 2009


2014 Ichizokai Competition – 1st Place (Japanese)

Arashiyama has been renowned as a scenic site for long time. In the Heian period, royalty, including the Emperor Kanmu and nobles, often visited here for sightseeing. It still attracts many tourists, as a representative sightseeing place in Kyoto.

Here in Arashiyama, Hoshino Resort Co., Ltd. has renovated “Rankyokan,” a Japanese-style hot spring inn with a history going back to the Meiji period, and opened “Hoshinoya Kyoto” in 2009. The garden was designed by Mr. Hiroki Hasegawa, President of Studio On Site, a registered architect office.

When going up the Oi-gawa River from Togetsukyo Bridge in Arashiyama, guests come across Hoshinoya Kyoto at the top of a steep hill. Although the view from the site is spectacular, it is also renowned for its hospitality and full of charm, including such treats as a transportation service with a private Japanese house-boat. Furthermore, outstanding designs were adopted at every turn within its premises when it was renovated.

Walking toward the end of the narrow path within the premises, guests can enjoy noticing flagstones with various designs set at the entrance to each room. These flagstones were collected from different places in Japan, including Kyoto, Yamanashi, Kagawa, Hyogo, and Okayama, and their original designs delight the eyes of guests.

Then, guests reach “Oku-no-niwa” at the farthest end. This garden shows the very novel design, which can be called the modern Karesansui (Japanese dry garden) by expressing sand patterns with lines of smoked tiles embedded in the white sand.

More surprisingly, guests can enjoy the view of Oi-gawa or Arashiyama, by walking through this garden, thanks to the smoked tiles holding it. In addition, stones with glassy flat surfaces are set in the garden. Guests can enjoy watching them as garden stones or sit on them if they want. In autumn, these stones reflect red leaves like a water surface and offer guests an exquisite atmosphere. Thus, in spite of retaining an atmosphere of the Karesansui-style garden, where visitors usually restricted to enter, this garden allows guests to enter and enjoy its harmonization with the seasonally changing landscape.

In this way, the space full of Japanese-style hospitality was created in the garden of “Hoshinoya Kyoto”, with a mixture of the novel landscape designing of Mr. Hiroki Hasegawa and the traditional techniques of Ueyakato Landscape Co., Ltd. We hope the guests will enjoy our exclusive garden space harmonizing tradition and innovation.