Location: Otemachi, Tokyo
Status: outdoor space – open to the public
Landscaped: in 2016


HOSHINOYA Tokyo website

 Located in the business district of Otemachi, in the heart of Tokyo, the outdoor space at HOSHINOYA Tokyo was designed by Hiroki Hasegawa, the President of studio on site. The main concept of the spatial design was attained by incorporating the appearance of the Japanese Ryokan (Inn) together with a modern sensibility.

 The main feature of HOSHINOYA Tokyo is the curved ararekoboshi (hail stone) paving that covers an area of over 100m2. Ararekoboshi is a technique where stones are placed in an aesthetic relation to each other in a defined area, a technique so high in quality that it takes one whole day for an experienced garden craftsman to construct a 0.09m2 area. To exhibit the aesthetic beauty of the ararekoboshi technique, it is generally used to pave important key locations where guests are greeted, such as the main entrance.  The ararekoboshi at HOSHINOYA Tokyo has a few complex aspects. Not only does it cover a wide area but the curved design of the paving intersects with other paving patterns and objects.

 In order to reduce the construction time while providing a top quality product, the “unit construction method” (currently patent pending) was developed. This allowed the creation of a paved area that incorporates the Japanese landscape gardening technique which emanates the warm sense of hand-craftsmanship, while sustaining top quality level of performance outside of Kyoto.

 In addition to the ararekoboshi, HOSHINOYA Tokyo has 4 other stone pavement patterns that was created from carefully selected materials and construction methods. The space is dedicated to reflect the top quality techniques of the detailed handwork of the garden craftsmen.