Arashiyama Villa

Arashiyama Villa

Location: Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City
Status: not open to the public
Landscaped: in 2014

Arashiyama Villa is located somewhat near Tenryu-ji Temple. The landscape planning design of this company recreational center was done with Professor Yoji Sasaki of Kyoto University of Art and Design and OHTORI CONSULTANTS -environmental design institute-. By being able to join the project and partake in the material selection stage, distinct Kyoto style garden techniques were used to create this garden space.

The garden space has an essence of Arashiyama, and to compliment the new building the garden is a modern light Japanese style garden. The “water” of the Katsura River and Hozukyō river that flow nearby is the garden’s motif. There are three gardens; the front, middle, and inner. The front gate approach and parking lot was also worked on.

In regards to the approach to the front gate and the parking lot, the entrance has ararekoboshi (scattered hailstone paving) around the red Kurama stone, further in is a stripe patterned nobedan (pathway) made from kazura stone (long rectangular stone) and smooth pebbles. The parking lot space is designed with long black and white stones with shaped stone materials stacked to enclose the space. The owner put the most effort into this space.

The front garden space was designed with the landscape image of a small boat floating in a river. The boat shaped moss islands float on water surface created by white sand. The middle garden is a beautiful space of bamboo and bamboo grass in an uneven checkered pattern. The inner garden reflects the image of the Hozukyō valley with water created by dark gravel. There are long broken stones placed around the island of plants and maples.

This place has impressive spring sakura and greenery, then autumn colors. The garden landscape creates an enjoyable atmosphere of the combined harmonization of modern and characteristisc of Arashiyama.