Ubusuna-no-sato TOMIMOTO

Ubusuna-no-sato TOMIMOTO

Location: Ando-cho, Nara
Status: Not open to public
Landscaped: in 2017

 The Japanese garden of Ubusuna-no-sato TOMIMOTO was created utilizing stones and trees belonging there since the premise was a family home of Kenkichi Tomimoto (1886-1963 a Japanese potter and Living National Treasure). It has turned out to be very fitting for the birthplace of the great master of pottery.

 We believed that the extreme precision in Tomimoto’s design, pottery art, visions of Japanese garden as well as technics of garden craftsmen’s had characteristics in common. That concept leaded to an authentic Japanese garden.

 Utilizing the height difference in the existing garden, the waterfall stone arrangement was placed on the north side of that dry garden. Thus the image of the garden which was the water flows throughout the compound was realized. The stone pathways and arrangements using recycled roof tiles were created by highly skilled craftsmen to illustrate Tomimoto’s flower design. The atmosphere of the old times were recreated by recycling also the stepping stones, water basin and lantern.

 Furthermore, the planting and pruning of trees were also conducted making use of the existing trees. A weeping cherry tree was planted in the center of the garden to match a big weeping cherry near the front entrance. Thus there are continuous sceneries in the garden.

 Visitors can enjoy change of seasons with other various plants such as maples, enkianthus, camellia, hydrangeas. The garden space has an environment where Tomimoto’s nature-inspired design can be envisioned watching all the plants and flowers.