Private Home Garden “Bansei Seiryu-no-Niwa”

Private Home Garden “Bansei Seiryu-no-Niwa”

Location: Ogaki City, Gifu
Status: not open to the public
Landscaped: in 2011

This private home garden is located in a residential district of Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture. The request was to create a main garden that would harmonize with the recently built modern house, reflect the whole family’s prosperity, and connection of generations. Consideration was kept from the design process on the harmonization of traditional Japanese garden techniques with the modern house to create a beautiful scenic garden. The connection of generations was expressed through the reutilization of stones and tiles belonging to the owner’s family.

The garden that was created are largely divided into two, the flat garden from the front of the property towards the entrance, and further in is the Japanese dry landscape garden that faces the “butsuma” (room with the family Buddhist altar).

The first half of the garden is the flat garden that uses flat stones with a combination of black pebbles and vertical tiles buried to form line designs. The garden path gives a modern feel with its refined “shin” (formal straight style) combined with “gyo” (semi-formal curving style). In the sand gravel plants were placed to make islands, giving an austere feel to the garden.

Further in is the dry landscape garden, which was made so it can be enjoyed from the “butsuma.” The garden is designed so that the miniature mountain and waterfall stone arrangement are seen in the distance and the dry stone river flows towards and right by the “butsuma.” Illustrating the flow are stone pebbles, and along it is a water basin, grindstone used as a stepping stone, and roof tiles to give additional charm are all materials that the family owned. By using these materials, not only is the continuation of generations conveyed as requested, furthermore the garden itself is made to represent the connection of family and lives. There is a parking lot behind the miniature mountain and as a nice accent, a dry stone river was made to flow from the back side of the miniature moutain to the parking lot.

Furthermore, each area of the garden has sakura, crape myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica), and maple to enjoy the new greenery, flowers, and autumn colors.

This is how this garden was created, by working together with the owner. Sometime after the completion, surprising news arrived from the owner. When sprinkling water in the morning, the morning light reflected from the round black pebbles and the waterfall stone formation, creating an awe-inspiring sight that could be seen from the “butsuma.” This garden seems to hold a beautiful gift that the craftsmen who contributed in the creation did not expect.