Kyozomekaikan Kyozome-no-niwa

Kyozomekaikan Kyozome-no-niwa

Location: Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Landscaped: in 2010


the 2012 Selected Landscape-architectural Designs

“Kyozome-kai” is a foundation established in the Meiji period that has developed and carried on the exquisite techniques of traditional fine arts in Kyoto. When reconstructing its headquarters building “Kyozome-kaikan,” a garden called “Kyozome-no-Niwa” was created on its rooftop. The garden was created in a motif of brightly-colored textile fabrics floating on a quiet water surface, and provides visitors seasonal beauties in a modern and simple composition.

The design was collaborative work with Nobutaka Nagahama from E-DESIGN Inc.
In the garden, exquisite stones, including “Kurama-ishi”, “Maguro-ishi”, “Kibune-ishi” and “Itokake-ishi”, which are famous as “Kamo-no-Shichiseki” (seven stones in Kamo), were chosen and rearranged without any processing, using traditional gardening techniques of Kyoto. They provide an impressive landscape that composes the main part of this new garden.

Visitors can enjoy watching natural textiles floating in the garden from its veranda connecting to the building. In addition, the garden is designed barrier-free, and can be used for holding a tea ceremony in the lawn area or an event linked to one held in the exhibition hall on the top flower. Thus this garden is not only a garden for viewing but also for practical use.