Greentown, Cháo míng Project (Hangzhou, China)

Greentown, Cháo míng Project (Hangzhou, China)

Location: Hangzhou/Zhejiang, China
Status: Public (to facility user)
Landscaped: in 2017

 Upon request by a Greentown management group, Japanese gardens were built in Hangzhou/Zhejiang, China. The gardens were created for both the Cháo míng project’s main building, a service and business facility for mansion sales, and adjacent model houses.

 The theme of Fuku-roku-ju (福禄寿, happiness, wealth, and longevity) is expressed in the main garden, wishing the visitors to nurture a life blessed with all three of them. Deriving from both traditional Chinese and Japanese art, scenery stones, trees and lanterns were put in the shape of a Bonkei (盆景, tray landscape) to appreciate the aesthetics of solid and geometric forms. The white ocean of sand with characteristic flagstones creating an arc, holds space for banquets and gatherings, and hence fulfills a pragmatic aspect at the same time.

 Famous Kibune, Saji and Maguro stones were chosen and imported from Japan to enjoy the mere beauty created by nature. For the model houses stones from the local river’s stream bed were used.

 By planting cherry trees, Japanese maple, red plum, crape myrtle and zelkova, the garden is designed to make all seasons brightly visible.