Nanzen-ji Private House

Nanzen-ji Private House

Location: Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
Status: not open to the public
Landscaped: in 2012

The garden of this private second home near Nanzen-ji Temple was created when the house was newly built.

The main building of the property implements sukiya style, Japanese residential architectural style (similar style as a tea room) and the garden is also of traditional style, partially because the property is fairly close to Nanzen-ji Temple. There are basically three gardens, the front door area, the pond garden facing the living and dining room, and in the northern part of the property is the inner garden.

First, after passing the gate along the cut stone path to the front door is a garden on the right. The water from the stone canal flows to the water basin. In the Nanzen-ji area there are many gardens that have water flowing through the garden from the Lake Biwa Canal. This garden also uses water from the the Lake Biwa Canal. Water flows from the stone canal to the water basin, then passes underground to the other side of the cut stone path to flow into the pond garden.

The main garden is a pond garden that can be enjoyed from the living room and dining room. The narrow long pond was made to span the premisis as much as possible from the north to south. On the south side is a large waterfall stone arrangement, stone bridge, and water-crossing stepping stones. There is also a stone well that springs water on the southeast side of the pond, which is a technique made in many gardens in the Nanzen-ji neighborhood since the modern era. The garden was created with traditional techniques while giving the garden a liberal atmosphere.
The small inner garden has a traditional hand water basin and was made to resemble the waiting garden for tea ceremony. It leads to the hall,  which is also used to have tea ceremonies. In-front of the natural fence is an old plum tree that is strikingly beautiful to see.

Throughout the garden, famous local stones such as the kifune and kurama stones are used. This garden uses red pine to reflect the landscape that the Higashiyama Mountains used to be known for, its red pine woods. This private home garden uses an abundance of traditional techniques and the sakura and maple bring an enjoyable seasonal scenic landscape of spring, greenery, and autumn colors.