Hoshino Resorts KAI Kaga

Hoshino Resorts  KAI Kaga

Location: Yamashiro Onsen in Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture
Landscaped: in 2015


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 The Hoshino Resorts  KAI Kaga garden concept is “local,” aesthetics of this area. The gardens were created with collaboration of “traditional Kyoto craftsmanship” with the “local aesthetics (things and people) of Ishikawa Prefecture.” Local materials from Ishikawa Prefecture such as trees, stones, and tiles were used to create these gardens. This was made possible through the collaborative work with craftsmen adept in the Ishikawa Prefecture’s aesthetic sense of beauty, techniques, and knowledge. The 3 gardens (front, inner, and tea garden) are connected by the “flow of the river” that unites one garden’s atmosphere to the next. 

Front Garden

 This garden was designed to create an appropriate atmosphere as the first area that will welcome guests. The garden harmonizes with the architecture and the red painted lattices called “bengara-koshi,” a historical trade mark of Kaga City. The “ararekoboshi” (hail stone paving) and stone pathways are made with traditional techniques by the garden craftsmen, creating an elegant and refined atmosphere.

Inner Garden

 Enjoy the aesthetic sense and culture of Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture. 
 The garden reflects the cultural art of Ishikawa Prefecture by placing tiles in the image of “Kaga Yuzen” (abstract patterns), using the same “kotoji-toro” style lantern found at Kenroku-en garden, the Noto Peninsula red pines, and using red walls painted with “bengara.” The tiles are Kutani porcelain tiles that are colored in the fashion of the “Kutani-gosai” (5 colors of Kutani-style). Guests can enjoy the magnificent scenic seasonal colors in this garden, such as the Seiobo Camellia, Kirishima Azalea, Iroha Maple, Japanese Mountain Sakura, and Japanese Plum.

Tea Garden

 The atmosphere reflects a tranquil scenery in the mountain.
 The tea house connected with the famous Rosanjin, large cedars, and aged maples enhance the historic value of this space.
 This tranquil garden was created for guests to enjoy a relaxing moment through the “spirit of hospitality” imbedded in the concept of tea ceremony. 
 The Tea Garden is located higher than the level of the Inner Garden and the Front Garden. To connect the flow of the gardens, there is an impressive and magnificent stone arranged dry-waterfall in this garden. 

Bath Garden

 This scenery is created in a large picturesque style that can be leisurely enjoyed from the bath.
 Throughout the year this view is consistent and is a representation of a peaceful timeless world.
 The scenery is composed of moss islands or stone counter shaped boarder islands that float on the water surface (white sand).
 The finely pruned pine and bamboo fence (Koetsu-ji Temple style) within the stone boarders, give an attractive charm to this enclosed space. In winter, the branches are tied (yuki-zuri) to prevent the weight of the snow from breaking them. This is another wonderful seasonal scenery of Ishikawa Prefecture.