River Retreat Garaku ・ Restaurant L’évo Front ”Rivage Garden”

River Retreat Garaku ・ Restaurant L’évo Front ”Rivage Garden”

Location:Tomiyama City, Tomiyama Prefecture
Status: Public (to facility visitors)
Landscaped: in 2017

 River Retreat Garaku in Toyama (Toyama Prefecture) is a exclusive luxury hotel on the shore of Jinzu river. Planned as a hotel to be experienced as a museum there are about 300 art objects on display and since its opening in 2000, special features and design are offered regarding all guest rooms, interior and the Japanese&Western restaurant.

 To realize a new design by Sasaki Kazuji (Kyoto University of Art and Design, professor) for one of the restaurant’s gardens , Ueyakato Landscape craftsmen applied a unit construction method (patent pending), that allows to deliver high-quality artisanship while greatly shortening the construction schedule at the site. As the hotel and restaurants were open during construction, strict adherence to noise-regulation and limited materials lead-in schedules was required. Due to the unit construction method, the project could be realized with only small effect on daily operations.

 While the garden in front of the restaurant used to be covered with wooden tiles a modern black and white stripes stone design was applied. When looking towards the garden from inside the restaurant, the striped pattern and water surface of Jinze river create a harmonious landscape.

 The simple and yet modern design integrates traditional Tomiyama pattern, a steel design wall inspired by the Tateyama mountains and organic aspects in form of planting, adding overall to the art design concept of the river retreat.