Tairyu-Sanso Garden

Tairyu-Sanso Garden

Location: Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
Status: not open to the public
Landscaped: in Meiji era


Tairyu-Sanso Garden, Garden Maintenance in Anticipation of the Next Hundred Years

Tairyu-Sanso was built as a villa of Kanetsune Ijuin (an architect, a gardener, and a company president) in the former site of a sub-temple of Nanzen-ji from 1896 to 1899. Then it was transferred to Yaichiro Ichida (a kimono fabrics wholesaler) and renovated from 1901 to 1905. By this renovation, the basis of its present landscape was completed. It was named “Tairyu-Sanso” in 1901 by Ichida, because it faced Nanzen-ji, whose mountain”s name was Zuiryu-zan.  

Thus, the garden was first created by Kanetsune Ijuin, and later Jihei Ogawa (Ueji) recreated it. In its large premises, a lawn area was created, as well as a pond, a stream and waterfall stone arrangements. As for buildings, not only a teahouse but also a water mill were built.  This is a garden equipped with practical arrangements for holding a tea ceremony or a garden party with the right pastoral atmosphere. A masterpiece of modern gardens and an exquisite landscape garden, it was designated a National Scenic Site in 1988.

Its buildings were constructed by Toukichi Shimada (Shimato), a carpenter who was renowned as the best carpenter of the time. From a room protruding toward the pond named “Tairyu-dai,” visitors can enjoy not only buildings and the garden but also the magnificent landscape, harmonizing the garden and Higashiyama Mountain, as its background. On the other hand, from Juon-tei built by Ijuin, visitors can experience calm and soft scenery. Thus, this garden provides different sceneries at every turn.