Location: Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
Status: Not open to public
Landscaped: Taisho period

 Warin-an (former Tatsuya Kamahara residence) is one of the renowned beautiful gardens among the villas with gardens in Nanzenji neighborhood.

 There is a trail path along the Lake Biwa Canal bisector which was completed in 1890 near Warin-an. The path is now called Tetsugaku-no-michi(Philosopher’s Path) and has been widely popular amongst tourists as well as citizens of Kyoto city. Kamahara built a garden in the area, of which design included the borrowed sceneries of Shinnyo-do and Konkai-Komyo-ji nearby. The garden was built by Jihei Ogawa VII. The pond water at Warin-an is directly drawn from the Lake Biwa Canal bisector in the same manner as many villas with gardens in the Nanzenji neighborhood.

 This garden is a circuit style garden around the pond in the center piece among mainly the red pines, black pines and maple trees.

 The modern gardens at the villas in the Nanzenji neighborhood tend to include the borrowed sceneries from the neighboring temples and other buildings (such as Hekiun-so, Kaiu-so). Warin-an is no exception to the rule, if you look up, you can see the Sanmon at Nanzenji and Monju-to at Konkai-Komyo-ji.

 It is common to see the view of Higashiyama Mountains from the east facing building  located on the west side on the premise in the modern gardens in the neighborhood (such as Murinan, Tairyu-sanso, Hekiun-so and Ryukyo-in). However at Warin-an, its signature view of the hill where Shinnyo-do and Konkai-komyoji are located on the west is seen from the west facing building on the east side of the premise.