Murin-an Event Featured in Kyoto Shimbun


Kyoto Shimbun, Kyoto’s leading local newspaper,  has featured “Murin-an’s World of Precious Woods and Timber, No. 2 (Cultural Property Seminar, Technical Series, No.7),” an event held at Murin-an garden, which Ueyakato Landscape operates as its designated manager. For this event, we walked around Murin-an’s main building and tearoom—actual examples of sukiya architecture—while listening to explanations from Professor Shigeru Sugasawa, a visiting researcher at Kogakuin University, and precious woods expert Noriko Nakagawa about their timber materials. While Murin-an’s architecture may look plain on first glance, the more we learn about craftsmen’s techniques, the more we can feel the depth and spirit of play in the architecture’s craftsmanship. This was a seminar that changed the way we look at Murin-an’s buildings and garden and allowed us to appreciate them with an even greater sense of fascination.  


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