Touring Famous Meiji Era Buildings and Gardens ~ Kosei-in and Murin-an ~

Touring Famous Meiji Era Buildings and Gardens ~ Kosei-in and Murin-an ~

May 14, 2014 (Thurs) – Professor Hiromasa Amasaki (Kyoto University of Art and Design) and President Tomoki Kato conducted a garden tour event of Kosei-in and Murin-an which was sponsored by Chugoku Shimbun Bunka Center Co. Ltd. Thank you very much to all who joined us for this event and traveling from afar. Event: “Touring Kyoto’s Famous Meiji Era Buildings and Gardens”

Garden Tour Flyer

“The Future of Park Management” International Symposium 2015 in Awaji

May 14, 2015 (Thurs) – “The Future of Park Management” International Symposium 2015 was held during The Awaji Flower and Greenery Fair 2015. Akiko Wada, the event management chief of the Keihanna Commemorative Park, which our company is designated to manage and care, conducted a presentation and participated in the poster presentations. This was an excellent opportunity to network and share ideas with various park management related personnel not only from all around Japan, but also internationally. 

2015 “Ocha no Kyoto” (Kyoto a City of Tea)

Since 2015 – The park director Takashi Yamaguchi of the Keihanna Commemorative Park, which our company is designated to manage and care, joined the “Ocha no Kyoto” (Kyoto a city of tea) project promotion meetings and practitioner’s meetings. The project is conducted by Kyoto Prefecture for the promotion and revitalize the southern area of Kyoto. 

20th Anniversary of “Keihanna Commemorative Park”

April 29, 2015 – Our company is designated to manage and care for the “Keihanna Commemorative Park,” which celebrated its 20th anniversary. We deeply show our appreciation to the many supporters and volunteers who have made this possible. The park and the Seikacho Sweets Town Committee held a collaboration event. Many people came to enjoy Suikei-en Japanese Garden and the various others events, such as a concert, park tours, and quiz rally. We will keep caring for this wonderful park so it may continue to be a precious local asset. Thank you very much for your continued support.

Keihanna Commemorative Park
Keihanna Comm. Park 20th Anniversary (flyer)

2015 “Observation Workshop of Creatures in a Lotus Field”

April 26, 2015 (Sun) – The Osaka Museum of Natural History requested our staff from the Keihanna Commemorative Park which our company is designated to manage and care, Yuta Inamoto as a lecturer for a workshop. The “observation workshop of creatures in a lotus field” was held in Mishimae, Takatsuki City. Roughly 200 participants came to learn about the creatures living in lotus fields.


International Forum on Worldwide Famous Gardens Held on Awaji Island

April 25 (Sat) – “The International Forum on Worldwide Famous Gardens and Creation of Beautiful Landscape Flowers and Greenery Environment Creation and Care” was held in the main hall of the Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center. President Tomoki Kato was selected to be one of the panelists. During the panel discussion, we presented on the thought process of maintaining a Japanese garden, the skill and heart of the passing on of “kuden” (oral traditions), and being a professional Japanese garden craftsman. There was a photo gallery displayed at the conference hall of gardens from each panelist’s country. Several photographs of gardens we foster and maintain were also displayed.

Flyer (PDF)
Pamphlet (PDF)


April 2015 – “LANDSCAPE DESIGN” No.102 published by MARUMO PUBLISHING Co., Ltd went on sale. The magazine published an article about our company’s design and construction of the “Okazaki Villa – Revival Project of a Japanese Garden.” The garden was originally made in the Taisho period. We were able to revive the villa around the concept of “harmonizing garden and building” through in-depth discussions meetings with the owner and designing team from the planning stage. 

“Okazaki Villa – Revival Project of a Japanese Garden”

The 2nd Kyoto Garden Tours by Ichizokai

April 10 (Fri) – 11 (Sat), 2015 – the 2nd Kyoto Garden Tours by Ichizokai was held. On Friday, the tour of Kyozomekaikan, Arashiyama Villa, and HOSHINOYA Kyoto gardens are ones our company created and continue to foster. President Kato lead the tour along with our garden craftsmen who took part in the garden’s creation and care; Mitsuru Yamaguchi, Masanori Hashimoto, Yasutomo Inoue, Hiroya Hayashi, Daisuke Umenishi, and Yumi Koyama. Our craftsmen conducted the guide from their real experiences in designing, creating, and caring for the gardens.

Famous Murin-an Garden Year-round Maintenance and Care

April 2015 issue of Landscape Research Japan Vol. 78 in the 2015 technical report, a research essay of one of our skilled garden craftsman Tomio Sakaue and President Kato was published. The essay is about Murin-an Garden, which we care for year-round. Essay title: Famous Murin-an Garden Your-round Maintenance and Care – Garden Care that Carrys-on Aritomo Yamagata’s Vision and Sensitivity –

Murin-an Essay (PDF)

Shosei-en Garden Award

March 5, 2015 (Thur) – President Tomoki Kato conducted a lecture at the Shosei-en Garden Award ceremony organized by the Non-Profit Foundation for Preservation of Kyoto’s Cultural Sightseeing Resources. The lecture covered a garden craftsman’s scenic viewpoint of a garden, how to foster a garden, scenery transition over a course of 350 years, and also some technical views from a researcher’s stance.

NPO Preservation of Kyoto’s Cultural Sightseeing Resources (event flyer)

World Famous French Garden Craftsman Mr. Gilles Clément

Feb. 24, 2015 – President Tomoki Kato met with Mr. Gilles Clément, a world famous French garden craftsman, and guided him through one of the gardens we foster, Murin-an Garden located along the street towards Nanzen-ji Temple.
  Part of the tour in Murin-an Garden is in a video that is on the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN) homepage under events.

RIHN homepage – article on Mr. Gilles Clément’s lecture series
February 2015 – leaflet of Mr. Gilles Clément’s lecture series (PDF)
President Tomoki Kato and Mr. Gilles Clément in Murin-an (video)

【Insight×Japan】 Ms. Ayumi Ikushima’s Web Site

Web magazine 【Insight×Japan】 by Ms. Ayumi Ikushima, R&D coordinator and English-French-Japanese interpreting guide specializing in Japanese gardens and food. The web site’s celebratory first interview to be published is on President Kato.
  The web site introduces specialists in various genres of Japanese culture.
  We hope you enjoy the article and information on the web site.

Insight×Japan  Insight x Japan – article of President Tomoki Kato

NHK TV – “Ouen Document Ashita wa Docchida”

In this documentary series, “Ouen Document Ashita wa Docchida,” the J-pop boys band Kanjani∞ (eight) cheer-on hard working people.
    On Feb. 17, 2015 (Tue.), the spotlight was on Mr. Yosuke Ohta, a young skilled Japanese garden craftsman. The show closely covers Mr. Ohta’s days of training during his 3rd year in the field as a “28 year-old struggling in a world with so much depth.” We hope you enjoyed the show.
    Broadcast: Every Tuesdays 10:55 p.m. – 11:20 p.m.
    Rerun:        Every Tuesdays 4:05 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

NHK Sougo – “Ashita wa Docchi”

Ichizokai Issue No.49 (“Kyoto Garden Tours” Info)

The January 2015 issue of Ichizokai. In the event column, there is information about the event we assisted “Kyoto Garden Tours” by Kyoto Kenshu Kai. President Tomoki Kato was introduced as commentator and our skilled staff, Haruhi Yoshitake is mentioned as an assistant.
  On another page is a more in-depth article about the wonderful Kyoto Kenshu Kai activities.

Ichizokai Issue No.49 (Jan. 2015) – Kyoto Kenshu Kai report (2014)

Ichizokai Issue No.49 (Jan. 2015)

The Ichizokai Issue No.49 (January 2015) has an article covering the Ichizokai Award meeting held on October 24, 2014.
  2 of our wonderfully skilled staff are in the article, Yasutomo Inoue and Yumi Koyama, who received the grand award of excellence in 2014.
  In the column “My Work Site,” one of our garden craftsmen, Tomohiko Muto, wrote about his passionate fostering garden work he does at Keihanna Commemorative Park. We hope you can sense his passion and devotion to the park from the article.

Ichizokai Issue No.49 (Jan. 2015) – award
“My Work Site” (Tomohiko Muto)

The “庭NIWA” magazine

The “庭NIWA” magazine published an article on the attractions of gardens and Cultural Heritage garden restoration. The article introduced our involvement in the restoration of two Kyoto cultural heritage gardens; Aoiden-teien and Kasuien-teien located at THE WESTIN MIYAKO KYOTO hotel.
(The “庭NIWA” magazine is published by an architecture material R&D company)

Japan Landscape Contractors Association Newsletter 2014 December Issue

The Japan Landscape Contractors Association Newsletter 2014 December issue introduces President Tomoki Kato in a column, “being a member of the Japan Landscape Contractors Association and a member of the Japan Institute of Landscape Architecture.”
There is also a column on one of our skilled staff, Haruhi Yoshitake, “Otsukemono (pickle) culture shock.”

JLCA Newsletter 2014 December Issue

Kyoto Villas – Vivid Autumn and Winter Meditation

December 6, 2014 (Sat) – Takeshi Kato assisted the NHK BS Premium TV show filming of “there is such a place like this – Vivid Autumn Colors and Meditative Aura of Winter.” One of the gardens we foster, Tairyu-Sanso, was introduced in the program.