Chisyaku-in Temple

Chisyaku-in Temple

Location: Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Status: open to the public
Landscaped: in Edo period


Chisyakuin Temlpe website

The Chisyaku-in Temple is the headquarters of the Chizan school of the Shingon sect, and was originally founded as a learning institute of Negoro-ji Temple in Wakayama prefecture in the middle of the Kamakura period. Although it was once forcibly dissolved by Hideyoshi Toyotome, Ieyasu Tokugawa granted it land and restored it as it is now.

The garden on the eastern side of Kodo-hall was created by Unkei, the 7th successor to Chishaku-in after its precinct was expanded with an additional grant in 1674.  

It boasts a creative landscape design, typified by the artificial hill behind the narrow pond and the distinctive pruning of trees planted on the hill, and has been praised as the best garden in the Higashiyama area since its creation. Its beauty is still kept unchanged today, and it was designated a National Scenic Site in 1945.