Gabou-en at Matsumoto Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.

Gabou-en at Matsumoto Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.

Location: Fushimi-ku, Kyoto
Status: not open to the public, usually
Landscaped: in 1954


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Matsumoto Sake Brewing Co., Ltd. is a long-established brewer in Fushimi, Kyoto, known for over two centuries since 1791 for the best sake in Kyoto.

In a part of its brewing factory site, there are a guest house called “Manmyo-in” and a Japanese dry garden called “Gabou-en”. The name “Manmyo-in” came from the fact that it took almost ichi-man days (30 years) for completion following its planning. The name “Gabou-en” came from the owner’s wish that visitors would enjoy watching the garden as if they were enjoying the scenery from a decorative excursion boat called “Gabou”.

The entrance was moved from Shoden-in, a sub-temple of Kennin-ji Temple rebuilt by Yuraku Oda, which had been famous in the Edo period for its beautiful garden and teahouse called “Nyo-an.”  “Gabou-en” is decorated with many antique stone crafts, such as an oribe-toro (lantern), a chozu-bachi (wash basin) made of Taikou-seki, a foundation stone of Asuka-ishi, and exquisite stones of Kurama-ishi or Kibune-ishi. Those stones were collected by the father and grandfather of president Yasuhiro Matsumoto for more than 30 years. When looking at “Gabou-en” from the room in “Manmyo-in”, visitors can feel the dynamism of nature from a waterfall stone arrangement at the end of the center or a dry water flow expressed by white sand. Further, beautiful trees and plants like pine trees, plum trees with red flowers, old pomegranate trees, azaleas and moss create scenery full of atmosphere and serve to put visitors at ease.