Keywords: The Ueyakato Landscape Research Team's Japanese Garden Lexicon


The Pure Land Garden

Photo credit: Byodoin Temple UNESCO World Heritage site Byodoin Temple has a Pure Land garden that has existed…

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The Daimyo Garden

Photo credit: Okayama Korakuen Garden Okayama Korakuen Garden is a classic daimyo garden from Japan’s Edo peri…

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Tsubo-niwa: The Enclosed Garden

Murin-an’s enclosed garden uses a simple composition of scenic stones and square bamboo in moss that creates a…

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The Tea Garden

UNESCO World Heritage Site Kosan-ji Temple’s Iko-an Garden is a modern tea garden located on top of Mt. Togano…

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The Strolling Pond Garden

The garden at Nanzen-in Temple is a classic strolling pond garden of the medieval period. Today it retains muc…

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Karesansui: The Dry Landscape Garden

Ueyakato Landscape has managed Nanzen-ji Temple’s famous dry landscape garden for over 170 years, forming the …

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