The head gardener from Philadelphia’s Shofuso does an internship at Ueyakato Landscape!

Alexander Polyakov (known by the affectionate nickname “Sandi”), head gardener for Philadelphia’s Shofuso—one of the United States’ leading Japanese gardens—came to Ueyakato Landscape for a week of training! During his internship, Sandi not only worked with gardeners at a wide range of gardens under our management, including Keihanna Commemorative Park, Murin-an, and Higashi Honganji Temple, he also studied alongside them about subjects such as the Lake Biwa Canal’s contribution to Kyoto’s scenic landscape. Along the way, we also enjoyed many fascinating conversations with Sandi about the differences in how Japanese gardens are managed in Japan and the United States.

We eagerly look forward to Sandi’s future work and to continuing our exchange with Shofuso!

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