Ueyakato Landscape gardener Tomohiko Muto and company employee Hiraku Fujinaga introduced Keihanna Commemorative Park on the May episode of the KCS Kyoto program “Chihayaburu.”

Keihanna Commemorative Park, which Ueyakato Landscape manages and operates as its designated management company, was featured in the May episode of the KCS Kyoto program “Chihayaburu.”

Ueyakato Landscape employee Hiraku Fujinaga gave a tour of the park’s “Open Space” and “Valley,” both of which express the landscape of a Japanese village. One of our company's gardeners, Tomohiko Muto, explained the highlights of the Suikei-en Garden, a waterscape garden that is a contemporary version of the Japanese style of strolling pond garden, and the daily efforts that we make to care for it.

Chihayaburu is a television program mainly aimed at a younger audience that introduces information that even most locals don't know about the technical excellence of companies in southern Kyoto prefecture and the Yamashiro region, and about the factories, research institutes, facilities, and craftsmen that create products which are indispensable for daily life.
Keihanna Commemorative Park

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