Ueyakato Landscape gardener gives tour for a Maimai Kyoto-sponsored event.

Ueyakato Landscape gardener Tomio Sakaue gave a guided tour of Konchi-in Temple and Murin-an for a Maimai Kyoto-sponsored event.
At Konchi-in Temple, he showed participants around and explained the garden, from the Toshogu Shrine to the crane and turtle garden area. At Murin-an, as participants looked down at its garden from the main house’s second floor, he introduced them to what the garden looked like at the time of its creation. While walking around the garden, he showed them spiranthes orchids and other wildflowers growing by their feet as well as the garden’s main viewing points. He was also able to introduce Murin-an’s rainy day landscape, which Yamagata described as the “most beautiful” of all its sceneries. The event turned out to be an opportunity for participants to deepen their interest in how to enjoy Japanese gardens.

Maimai Kyoto

Council for the Promotion of Charms of Okazaki, Kyoto

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