Ueyakato Landscape gardener Takahito Oka and Takako Wada and Kana Goto of our Environmental Culture Planning Division cooperated in planting thoroughwort on the grounds of Kurodani Konkai Komyo-ji Temple.

Ueyakato Landscape supports and participates in the Genji Fujibakama Association's activities toward preserving the native Kyoto species “thoroughwort” (fujibakama). This time, with the permission of Konkai Komyo-ji Temple, whom we serve as their exclusive gardening company, we planted 90 stalks of the plant in two areas of the temple’s grounds (the lotus pond and the Shiun Garden’s “Armor Pond”).

Thoroughwort is one of Japan’s seven autumn grasses and a plant Japanese people have had affection for since ancient times.
Today, however, it is designated as one of Kyoto Prefecture’s critically endangered species.
After carefully nurturing the seedlings we’ve planted, by autumn, we hope to have visitors see the thoroughworts in full bloom and the chestnut tiger butterflies* who suck their nectar.

Chestnut tiger butterfly: Known as the only butterfly that migrates across the ocean. They favor the nectar from thoroughworts and other eupatorium species.

Genji Fujibakama Association
Kurodani Konkai Komyo-ji Temple

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