Ueyakato Landscape president Tomoki Kato and our gardener Shigeyoshi Takemura participated in the NHK World JAPAN program “Core Kyoto.”

Ueyakato Landscape cooperated in the production of "The World of Moss: Soothing Beauty, Subtle Yet Refined," an episode of Core KYOTO, the NHK World JAPAN program dedicated to conveying Kyoto's allure to the world. The episode was broadcast on August 19, 2021.
At Nanzen-in Temple and Dainei-ken, both of whose gardens Ueyakato Landscape manages, company president Tomoki Kato introduced Kyoto's aesthetic perspective of "respecting each garden's individual character while subtly nurturing its natural form." Gardener Shigeyoshi Takemura discussed the moss care he gives the garden from that perspective and his hopes for future generations.

The broadcast can be viewed online here until March 31, 2024.

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