Ueyakato Landscape gardener Kenta Deguchi was interviewed by a student at Shitara Junior High School about the gardening profession.

Ueyakato Landscape received a request from Shitara Junior High School in Shitara, Aichi Prefecture to do a student interview about the gardening profession. Kenta Deguchi, head gardener for Murin-an, which Ueyakato Landscape manages and operates as its designated manager, spoke online with a student about the work that a professional gardener does. The student, who had become interested in the work gardeners do after being moved by Kyoto’s Japanese gardens during an elementary school field trip, spoke about this interview at his school's annual festival on December 19, saying, “It made me feel that to work means striving to do one’s best for someone whose name you don’t even know.”
Murin-an website

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