Sanae Handa of our Gardening Division won a Special Recognition Award for the “Japanese Garden Society 30th Anniversary U30 Article Award.”

On September 3 2022 (Sat.), Sanae Handa of Ueyakato Landscape’s Gardening Division received a Special Recognition Award at the “Japanese Garden Society 30th Anniversary U30 Article Award Ceremony Symposium.” In her awarded article, “Looking into the Light of Life and Nurture It: Japanese Gardens and Child-rearing,” Handa described her thoughts about Japanese gardens and their future development based upon what she has learned as a Japanese gardener caring for gardens that are cultural properties and as a mother raising a child. *To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Japanese Garden Society’s founding, the Japanese Garden Society held an award competition for articles by young people less than 30 years old who are interested in Japanese Gardens.

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