Ueyakato Landscape Holds its First Japanese Garden Training Seminar!

Ueyakato Landscape Holds its First Japanese Garden Training Seminar!

From April 22-26(Mon.-Fri.)2024, Ueyakato Landscape will be holding its first Japanese garden training seminar!

Our program is oriented toward non-Japanese speaking professionals involved in Japanese garden design, creation, management and nurturing, but we welcome participation from students too. Of course, clear and precise English interpretation will be provided as part of course instruction.

This will be a uniquely “Kyoto-style” seminar focusing on what the Japanese garden tradition calls “borrowed scenery” (shakkei), the art of harmonizing garden scenery with its surrounding landscape. The aesthetic beauty of Kyoto gardens consists not just in the gardens themselves, but how they are integrated with the surrounding environment. This program aims to teach Kyoto’s unique garden aesthetic by looking at the relationship between its gardens and environment, while also sharing knowledge that participants can practically develop upon at gardens in their home regions.

Please note that this program only has five spaces available. Those interested in participating should apply early!
For program and application details, click here!

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