Murin-an, a nationally registered Place of Scenic Beauty, was introduced on the NHK World promotional show “Dig More Japan.”

As part of its promotional series “Dig More Japan,” Core Kyoto, an NHK World program communicating Kyoto’s allure to the world, featured Murin-an, a nationally designated Place of Scenic Beauty that Ueyakato Landscape manages and operates as its designated manager.”

Based on documents from the period when legendary Kyoto gardener Ogawa Jihei VII created Murin-an, Ueyakato Landscape president Tomoki Kato explained our efforts to carry on Ogawa’s spirit and technique in our nurturing of the garden.

This promotional program was created from excerpts of the “Ogawa Jihei Gardens” program broadcast on October 1, 2020.
The broadcast can be enjoyed at NHK World On Demand until April 14, 2022.
The original program can be enjoyed here until March 31, 2023.
Murin-an website

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